UNREAL: Shechem Terrorist’s Mother Celebrates Son’s Death [Video]

The mother of Ibrahim Nabulsi, who was killed in an IDF operation on Tuesday, smiles as she holds his bier at his funeral.

The mother of Ibrahim Nabulsi, who was killed in an IDF operation on Tuesday, not only seemed to rejoice at her son’s funeral but later stated that there should be “100 more Ibrahims.”

“Ibrahim was shot,” she said, in a video translated by AbuEliEnglish. “But there are 100 more Ibrahims here. Everyone here is Ibrahim. You’re all my children. You’re all Ibrahim.”

“Ibrahim is now with Abraham, Ibrahim is now with the prophet Muhammad. Ibrahim won. Praise be to Allah.”

The crowd then chanted: “Congratulations to the martyr’s mother. I wish my mother would take your place.”

Former MK Michael Ben-Ari tweeted the photo of Ibrahim’s mother smiling at the funeral and commented: “Just saying – Nazi mothers didn’t rejoice when they heard their children were killed.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. If being dead and with their prophet is so great why don’t they all kill themselves – you shoot me, I shoot you style. Then they can all be with the prophet and the world will be a better place.

  2. I’m not sure what’s unreal about her statements. As a frum Jew I can understand her, more than anyone with a Western mindset. We have a concept of dying Al Kiddush Hashem. Of course their ideology is evil, twisted, and misguided, and I’d say in a way it’s the diametric opposite, but it’s certainly understandable in it’s way.

  3. this mother explains why these people don’t care about living…..being born to go boom is truly sick but being born to boom everything that you despise well, not part of Abraham at all, nor are they part of Israel….what they are a part of is evil destruction and filth

  4. these are the palestinian “civilians” Israel has to be careful not to accidently kill because they are “innocent” and only want to live in peace and dignity…

    feh. I had enough of this.

    these are pigs who celebrate death. time to start carpet bombing these ישמעאלישע חיות and get rid of them entirely once and for all

  5. The IDF will gladly grant your wish! The world would be a better place when 100 more Ibrahims join allah. I’m sure the Democrats will agree that this is another legal form of abortion!

  6. All the terrorists should burn, but I’m just wondering… you idiots do realize that when a proper Yiddishe mamme from the heim would hear about her son’s death on the altar of fighting for his beliefs, they would be emotional and sad (as this woman seems) while simultaneously being incredibly content that their son had been given a free pass to the kisei hakavod (as these moronic murderers believe, as well)?
    It’s so stupid when we take things goyim do that we would do as well and simply pretending that there is something Nazi’ish about it!

  7. We understand the Muslim mind as if it is the Western mind, but it is not. Islam pushes martyrs as reaching sainthood for killing the enemy (Jews) and being killed in trying to do so. So the fact that the parents are always happy when their son gets killed should not be a surprise. it is the accepted thinking.

  8. Are people seriously comparing dying Al Kiddush Hashem to a terrorist murdering Jews? Jihad isn’t dying Al Kiddush Hashem. Stupid idiots. I hope this women dies a slow and painful death, amen.

  9. @SfaradiGamur: You hope she dies a slow and painful death!? Oho! And is that all!? I hope she dies a snail-paced and excruciating death, amen v’amen. Hah! They are riffing against the am hanivchar! They will all rot in hell for eternity. And I hate them with a sinah temima that could almost be scary in its power.
    But darling, what does that have to do with anything?
    They are misguided, yes; they halachically are expected to recognize the evil and stupidity and barbarianism inherent in their dumb-a religion; they are reshaim gemurim and filth beneath our feet.
    But sweetheart, why is that relevant?
    At the end of the day, this disgusting excuse for a mother was simultaneously sad and content at her son’s filthy actions and his death that they so wonderfully led to. And that is the proper, very-human reaction that – given her misguidedness in general — she SHOULD HAVE HAD.
    So nothing was Nazi-like about that.
    And implying as such is stupid, illogical and embarrassing for any bar daas who actually prizes braun-usage.