TEHILLIM: Williamsburg, Boro Park Residents Among Victims Shot In Jerusalem Terror Attack [UPDATED]


Two members of a Williamsburg family were among the 7 victims shot in the Jerusalem terror attack on motzei shabbos.

A third American – a pregnant female resident of Boro Park – was also shot.

Sources tell YWN that a Williamsburg family of four had arrived in Israel this past Wednesday and were heading to Kever David Hemelech when they were on the bus which was attacked. Two members of the family were shot. Two others escaped serious injury. The father of the family is in critical condition and currently on life support.

A Boro Park resident was also among the victims. She is reportedly pregnant and is in critical condition.

Please (pray) say Tehillim for Shea Tzvi ben Surel, and Yehoshua Hersh ben Sara.

Family members of the Williamsburg victims are currently en route to Eretz Yisroel.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. It’s one and the same person – shea hersh, his name for tehillim is יושע צבי בן שרה.
    Bh his wife and 2 children are okay.

  2. These terrorist attacks are simply going to have to stop once & for all.
    Meanwhile I hope his loyal family members flying to 🇮🇱 are flying El Al and that they aren’t facing any Corona red tape traveling on such short notice