After 6-Hr. Manhunt: Jerusalem Terrorist Turns Himself In To The Police

The gun and knife found in the taxi after the Jerusalem terrorist, Amir Sidavi, turned himself in to the police. (Israel Police)

The Arab who perpetrated the terror attack near the Kosel in the Old City of Jerusalem on Motzei Shabbos turned himself in to the police after a six-hour intensive manhunt.

The terrorist, Amir Sidavi, a 26-year-old resident of east Jerusalem, arrived by taxi at the Moriah police station in Jerusalem on Sunday morning and was immediately transferred for interrogation.

The taxi driver who unknowingly drove the terrorist to the police station dropped him off at the police station. The driver later told Galey Yisrael that he picked up the terrorist, who spoke Hebrew well, near Shaarei Tzedek Hospital and he didn’t suspect anything although he noticed that the Arab seemed nervous. Almost immediately after dropping him off and driving off, the driver was stopped by the police who searched the car and found a loaded gun and knife on the floor of the back seat. A police officer told the driver: “Hashem must love you,” as it was a neis the terrorist didn’t harm him.

The terrorist was released from prison two years ago after serving time in prison for a death that occurred during a clan war in A-Ram, Jerusalem. He befriended Jews while he was in prison, even keeping in touch with them after he was released.

According to media reports, the Shin Bet and the police identified Sidawi as the perpetrator almost immediately after the attack but they were unable to find him. Meanwhile, they raided the homes of his family members and arrested three of his relatives, including his mother, which is believed to have been the impetus for Sidawi to turn himself in.

A security source told media outlets that Sidawi is not affiliated with any terror groups and is believed to have carried out the attack on his own initiative. Although he had a criminal background, he did not have any previous security offenses.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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