2 Brothers Wounded In Jerusalem Terror Attack Have Emotional Reunion

Duvi Prover, 16, (left) reunites with his brother Elazar, 19, (right) in Hadassah Har HaTzofim Hospital. (Hadassah spokesperson)

Two of the eight people who were wounded in the terror attack near the Kosel on Motzei Shabbos were brothers who both were hit by bullets in their shoulders, with the bullets entering from one side and emerging from the other.

Duvi, 16, and Elazar, 19, residents of Telzstone and the sons of HaRav Yechezkel Prover, the mashgiach in Yeshivos Siach Yitzchak and Be’er HaTalmud, were both miraculously only lightly injured and Elazar even saved the life of another victim by tying a tourniquet before he even realized that he himself had been shot.

Following the attack, Dovi was evacuated to Shaarei Tzedek Hospital and Elazar to Hadassah Har HaTzofim. Dovi, who was treated and released, went to Shaarei Tzedek afterward and had an emotional reunion with Elazar, who suffered a fractured shoulder and will remain in the hospital for another day.

Their brother Yair said: “The orthopedists at Hadassah said that Duvi had amazing mazal regarding the location of the injury. It was mamash a neis. If the bullet had hit a few centimeters deeper, he wouldn’t be alive. It was a huge neis because five minutes earlier, a bus full of people passed by the station, and then my brothers’ bus arrived, which was much emptier. This was the bus that was hit and since it was emptier, there were fewer injuries.”

“We were getting on the bus,” Duvi told Kikar H’Shabbat. “I didn’t even realize I was shot. I was in the middle of helping a woman in a wheelchair get on the bus. My brother Elazar was tying a tourniquet on a seriously injured victim. The paramedic told him on the way to the hospital that he had saved his life.”

“Both my brother and I were saved by a neis. The bullet simply entered on one side and came out from the other.”

Their father, HaRav Yechezkel, told Kikar: “They were on the bus after going to the Kosel and Kever Dovid. Suddenly they heard shouts. After a few minutes, they discovered that they had been shot in the shoulder – each one of them. The bullet entered on one side and emerged from the other. It’s a neis that they’re in light condition. The doctors here say it’s a neis.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)