WATCH: IDF Neutralizes Hamas Terror Tunnel From Gaza To Israel

The tunnel with two branches. (IDF spokesperson)

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The IDF revealed on Monday that its forces uncovered and neutralized an attack tunnel dug by the Hamas terror organization from the northern Gaza Strip into Israel.

The tunnel, which had two separate routes, was dug dozens of meters underground from Gaza City and would have reached Kibbutz Alumim inside Israel if it was completed. Over the weekend, the IDF carried out an operation of rendering the tunnel unusable by injecting sealing materials inside it.

The IDF neutralized the tunnel before it crossed the new underground sensory barrier, which was completed in December 2021.

The outgoing commander of the Gaza Division, Brig.-Gen. Nimrod Aloni, said: “Gaza Division forces have been operating in past weeks to destroy a terrorist tunnel of the Hamas organization. It is an attack tunnel with two routes that crossed into Israeli territory but did not cross the area of ​​the new underground sensory barrier, and therefore did not at any stage pose a risk to the residents of Israel.”

The IDF injects sealing material into the Hamas tunnel. (IDF spokesperson)

“This is a tunnel route that was attacked during Operation Guardian of the Walls thanks to the indication of its presence in the area by the new sensory barrier. We recently identified efforts to restore the route of the old tunnel, and after an evaluation of the area, we located the tunnel with the two branches.”

“The thwarting of the tunnel joins a long line of overt and covert operations which led to severe damage to Hamas’s raid tunnels project and we will continue to pursue them,” Aloni asserted.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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