WATCH: HaRav Edelstein: “The Torah Is Humiliated During Bein HaZemanim”

HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein (Photo: Motty Green)

In his weekly shiur, HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein addressed the terrible tragedies that have befallen the Chareidi sector in Eretz Yisrael during Bein HaZemanim.

“There were several tragedies, rachmana litzlan after Tisha B’Av, during Bein Hazemanim,” HaRav Edelstein began. “[The tragedies] were in a strange way, not usual tragedies. It’s incomprehensible. Many people lost their lives.”

“What is this that Hashem Elokeinu is doing to us? Why this? Apparently, during Bein Hazemanin, the zechus of Torah is lacking. We’re not being oisek b’Torah like in the middle of the zeman, when there are sidrei ha’yeshivah, when they learn mussar, when we’re oisek b’Torah all the time with hasmadah. During Bein Hazemanim, there’s a little bit of Torah, not like during the middle of the zeman. The zechus of Torah is lacking.”

“There’s a mishnah that every day a bas kol goes out from Har Chorev and says: ‘Oiy to the briyos from the humiliation of the Torah.” The Torah is humiliated, there’s no kavod haTorah, we’re not being oisek b’Torah.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. To cancel bein hazmanim is impossible. A bochur needs an occasional break or he’ll go batty. But maybe the yeshivos could get together and stagger their schedules so that not everyone is off at the same time.

    The third erev Shabbos in Sivan, let some yeshivos close for three weeks; the next erev Shabbos some more, and so on; after three weeks the first set of yeshivos will be back, after four weeks the second set, etc. Everyone gets their three weeks, while at all times the majority of yeshivos remain open.

    For those who break is Bein Hametzarim, if necessary a heter could be given for swimming or other activities, since they’re taking their break then lichvod hatorah. Or those yeshivos that would otherwise be closed for Shavua Shechal Bo Tisha Be’av could come back for that week and get another week later. That might also be a good idea for those who go off way early; instead of taking three solid weeks in Sivan, they could take two weeks then and another one in Elul.

  2. A rosh yeshiva, indeed, the leading Rosh Yeshiva, complaining about the seder of his, seems ingenious when he controls the solution.

    Instead of complaining, the solution is simple:

    Stagger the “bein hazmanim” by spreading it out over the year. In other words, the Yeshiva NEVER closes, the Kol Torah continues all year round, but gives breaks to various groups, staggered at selected times.

    In truth, this should also be done on a daily basis. The Kol Torah should continue 24 hrs a day. Groups should ne assigned to learn in shifts and the shifts should be scheduled on a 24 hr basis.

    Why silence the Torah at night?! Some argue that chazal say that night is the BEST time for Torah study!

    I have been to yeshivos and visited the Beis Medrash at 3 AM – there was more sound tin a cemetery at 3 AM than the beis medrash! And Friday afternoon – the markets are closed and so is the Kol Torah! Why is that?? Is the Torah not humiliated at night or Friday afternoon?!

    The Rosh Yeshiva CAN easily solve his complaint IF he is looking to solve it and not just complain about it.

  3. To Golden pick a nicer comment:
    I was so excited to see your comment. I know that Mashiach will come when the Chutzpa of the people will reach 200 billion miles high right thru the whole universe. You are the real proof that Mashiach is really coming soon. I am so excited to greet the Mashiach. Also I know that once Mashiach comes, there will be an end to rotten, spoiled, shattered, disabled, fake, dead, blind, terrible comments.

  4. “Hashem is talking to us through the GadolHaDor….”

    Avramalah: And you know that because?? Do you really believe that yungerleit should be chained to their shtender and shteig 24×7?? We often read here on YWN that chashuvah rabbonim are flying off to Switzerland, Florida, Arizona etc. on private jets paid for by their chassidim for vacations and to recharge their batteries while also providing chizuk to locals.

    And you know that because??

  5. Milhouse?, you gave the same type of solution that I suggested – to give groups of the yeshiva staggered breaks in shifts.

    The same can apply for learning at night (a zman mesugal for Torah study) or erev shabbos.
    Learning never ends and the bais medrash never closes while still giving the bochurim a break to recharge.

    It also makes for efficient use of the building and resources – putting the physical building into 24 hr use, using the same chairs, seforim, etc 24/7 instead of 16/6.5.

    Avraham thinks our comments are chutzpah because the Gadol didn’t come up with it as a solution. He probably also thinks Yisro was a mechutzaf to suggest a solution to Moshe Rabbeinu. Maybe he considers the Rosh Yeshiva greater than Moshe…he certainly gives the Rosh Yeshiva the level of nevuah that Shchina medaberes mitoch grono.

    Does he also consider the RY “atzmus melubash b’guf”?! Are all the words of the RY divrei nevuah?!
    “Hashem is talking to us through the Gadol HaDor” – wow!

    It’s scary when misnagdim start to talk about their Gedolim in the same way chassidim speak of their rebbe, because chassudim know what they mean and don’t cross the line, while misnagdim take it into kefira mamash.