McCain: Arizona GOP Censure May Spur Sixth Run


mccU.S. Sen. John McCain says the Arizona Republican Party’s censure of him over the weekend may just motivate him to run for a sixth term.

The censure vote came during a meeting of state committee members who cited McCain’s voting record as being insufficiently conservative.

The members say McCain has campaigned as a conservative but has lent his support to immigration reform and funding President Barack Obama’s national health care initiative.

In response Tuesday, McCain tells The Associated Press he has a strong conservative voting record and led the fight in the Senate against Obama’s health care plan. He blames the censure on uninformed “extremist” party elements.

While he hasn’t decided on a run for a sixth term in 2016, McCain says he is now “more seriously” considering it.



  1. Immigration reform is hardly a partisan issue (the business community favor liberal immigration, the labor unions favor restrictive immigration). The religious right also tends to favor immigration reform, since most incoming immigrants are from religious socially conservative backgrounds. Given labor opposition, the support for immigration among Democrats comes from the Limosine liberals, who want cheap gardeners and cleaning ladies.