SHOCK: Hasidic Jew Assaulted In Williamsburg – Crowd Stands And Films Incident Without Coming To Defense


A fight over a parking spot in Williamsburg turned violent Tuesday morning, resulting in a Chasidic man requiring stitches after being punched in the face, Williamsburg Shomrim told YWN.

Shocking video taken at the scene showed the Chasidic man engaged in a dispute with a relative of a driver he was arguing with, who claimed that he took their parking spot. The video shows the Jewish man being pushed up against a gate before his attacker became more aggressive and punched his victim in the face.

Shockingly, multiple people watching the disturbing incident unfold did nothing as the innocent man was beaten by a stranger. Rather than helping, the people nearby either stood around and watched, or worse, videoed the incident without stepping in.

The incident is being investigated by the NYPD, but not as a hate crime, and contrary to suggestions made by Dov Hikind on Twitter, there was no evidence that the attacker is a “violent antisemite.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. With our mobile devices we have become slaves to an immoral unsensitive Society.

    Why does your shave world have to post this? Would you like posting a video of their own relative getting punched in the face?

    Why do they have to post a video which is a tremendous Chilul Hashem?? It definitely puts those religious people in a negative light being uncaring to help the fellow Jew

  2. The fact that people did nothing and just stood by filming had likely little to do with anti-Semitism. This is a sick pattern of behavior all over the world, where people value an interesting video more than another person’s life.

  3. In the good old days that punk would’ve been been pinned down by that crowd and been beaten to a pulp. Then he’d think twice before raising a hand to a Yid. Now that he got away with it he’s just more likely to get violent.
    And no, it doesn’t matter if he was right about the parking spot or not

  4. Lets face it – we are a bunch of wimps – we dont know how to fight – we dont know where to begin especially while holding your Tallis Bag. Just go to your shul and stay out of trouble. We are visitors here even in Williamsburg. Not a Kiddush Hashem by any means.

  5. Thanks to the Supreme Court latest ruling on the 2nd Amendment, had I been there, I would immediately have drawn my gun to defend innocent helpless victim, and I would have held down this savage at bay under threat of gun, until cops 👮‍♂️ arrive.

  6. what a punk isnt even a threat hey was scared of his own shadow yet still able to knock out the wimpy Jew. We have seen this throughout our history and thats why we are always an easy target for the nations to vent their rage out on us. That little punk should have had his head snapped off. Instead the Jew just falls away whimpering like a hurt little animal. Shameful! Shameful!

  7. Mehu “Lets face it – we are a bunch of wimps – we dont know how to fight – we dont know where to begin especially while holding your Tallis Bag. Just go to your shul and stay out of trouble. We are visitors here even in Williamsburg. Not a Kiddush Hashem by any means.”

    -Not all Jews are wimps. Unfortunately many in our communities are afraid of their own shadow and prefer to just be victims and cry out how the world hates us. If this Jew would have just fought back that little punk would have ran away in fear. You can how the punk hesitated to punch him but only got confident enough to actually punch on the second attempt sue to sensing fear.

  8. The yidden in Williamsburg are just following the example of their leaders
    As six and half million Jews in Israel are threatened by a hundred million Arabs sorounding them, and on top of that threatened by Iran with nuclear annihilating, when Netanyahu came to America to plead before Congress not to let Obama go forth with that suicidal Iran nuclear deal.
    The Satmar mayor of Kiryas Joel (on behest of his Rebbe) wrote letters to all the NY congressmen and senators that Hasidic Jews are faithful citizens of the U.S and fully support Obama and his suicidal (for Israel) deal.
    If they don’t care about the six and half million brethren in Israel, why would they care about one poor Jew getting beat up in Wmbg.

  9. Torah meteshes cocham – jews are supposed to be weak. if they are not, gotta figure who they really are.
    Aye, many choshuva ppl in tanach were strong? good kasha

  10. Mehu, don’t generalize. Many Jews DO know how to fight. I’ve been studying martial arts for over thirty years, and the reason I started was because of experiences like this one. I grew up in the Bronx in a Jewish community that was in steep decline. Ours was among the last families to leave the old neighborhood. As a kippah-wearing yeshiva boy, I was beaten, slapped, spat on, jumped on and verbally harassed by blacks and Hispanics on the subway, on the bus, and on the street.

    When I was ten years old, I’d had enough and began to study Shotokan at a youth recreational center not far from our home. By the time I was in high school, I had turned into a committed little JDL-nik.

    This is nothing new. My father came from Pidvolochysk, while my mother came from Husiatyn. Both towns were once Galicia but are now Ukraine. The same things happened to our relations in those places. My grandfather HY”D who was a sofer, was beaten up in the street on many occasions. The local youths would pull on the peyot of the boys on the way to cheder. At times, the anti-Semites would even harass Jewish girls and elderly women. Without notice, gangs of anti-Semites would break up Jewish weddings and beat the people senseless. Just remember: Every time you begin to fantasize about the richness and beauty of the Alte Heim, THAT is what it was really like for many of our people.

    (Interestingly enough, my father a”h would speak about the wealthy ethnic German landowners who lived in the area. They were kind to the Jews and considered the Poles and Ukranians to be low races. Some of these Germans even gave sanctuary to Jews who were being marauded. Of course, these Germans had emigrated to the area in the early nineteenth century and were ideologically and morally quite apart from the National Socialists ys”v.)

    I digress. I will NOT fall into the trap that some of my JDL and martial arts friends fell into years ago by condemning our forebears as weak. I always thought that doing so was a terrible chilul Hashem. In fact, I once called out a frum martial artist for saying so in a class. After a year of hearing him bloviate in this way, I’d finally had it. “Genug shoyn!” I snapped. “Who in G-d’s name are YOU to disrespect our parents and grandparents in such a manner?” This particular martial artist was not the son of survivors like myself, but the big-mouthed, potbellied son of American parents from my very own neighborhood. After I’d told him off, he was red-faced and mealymouthed. Two of my fellow students voiced their support of my sentiments. As a trio, we walked out and never went back.

    Until this day, even though our family have not been chasidim since before the War, I see my martyred grandparents, aunts, and uncles in the communities of Williamsburg and Boro Park.

    What the little animal in the video did is to be expected in such a situation. Second-guessing accomplishes nothing. To the extent that it is possible, Jews who dress in traditional garb should walk in groups as they are targets. They should carry some kind of legal protection. Past that, every able-bodied Jew should learn some form of self-defense.

  11. aitze tovah, keep a safe distance, if they get within arms length (read: punching distance) push the attacker away with both hands.

    2nd piece of advice, consider learning Jew Jitsu

  12. I remember being in Williamsburg over twenty years ago and witnessing what happened when a punk tried this. Dozens of chassidim came running toward the scene from every direction. Shomrim came and put handcuffs on him until police arrived. The punk was scared stiff but he was not beaten. I did not see what started the whole thing.

  13. I’m shocked at anyone suggesting that the fellow Yidden defend their brother with violence. You all know it would end badly. The Yid would end up in jail. And the non Jewish assailant would be let go.
    Never a smart idea to raise fists.
    I am pretty sure that off camera they provided medical aid to the Yid who was punched. Punching that guy back would accomplish nothing, just a big brawl.
    Honestly I think the original man shouldve just walked away. He stood too close to the assailant…. we live in a crazy world and just have to be careful.

  14. when i was a kid growing up in brooklyn we were always proud of the good “chaptesm” days when any one starting up or committing a crime in williamsburg (even verbal abuse wasnt tolerated) thought twice before doing it as he was worried hed get his bones broken in a few places (and thats if he was lucky) the deterrence factor really kept crime down for any would be perps.
    unfortunately today those same streets are ruled by criminals who arent scared or afraid to prey on orthodox looking jews which has risen to the point of daily occurrences where ever frum jews live regardless of state or neighborhood
    ironically the nypd police commissioner was in willamsburg today announcing a perp from a previous attack was arrested.
    its high time we bring back the chaptsem days where justice was meted out strongly and swiftly with out any questions asked hit back=self defence and give back kefel so the perp wont do it again let him break a hand or feet be laid up for awhile give him time to think before raising his hands against another jew

  15. Part of the problem is cameras. If you attack the attacker you also get arrested. Years ago in Williamsburg there was a concept of chapts im. It was even done in Boro park and that’s when attacks on chassidim stopped. I remember even goyim telling me certain avenues in Boro park you had to be careful because one yell and mobs of chassidim would come running out and give a beating to any attacker. The one thing today is it’s a new generation. The same is in Israel. The one possibly why there wasn’t a whole group of chassidim jumping this guy is because many people are still upstate on vacation. Once they return the streets will be more crowded. The foolish thing is to put it out on line and then it hits secular media and makes every Jew a easy target. Main problem is most chassidim are not even registered to vote. It’s amazing how the big talkers go on blabbing about politics but when asked if they are even registered to vote say no. Go figure.

  16. Why cant these people understand that we are in golus?
    let the goy have the parking space… why make a chilul hashem if you can make a kiddush hashem???

  17. Why cant these people understand that we are in golus?
    let the goy have the parking space… why make a chilul hashem if you can make a kiddush hashem???

  18. latitia james ימח שמו וזכרונו is too busy obsessing about President Donald Trump שליט”א who is totally innocent, so shall never have time to go after real savages
    So you satmars wake up & vote for Lee Zeldin & don’t you dare vote for hochul who has no time to deal with fixing crooked bail reform laws

  19. The last time the world was this immoral, Hashem pressed the reset button. I pray, this time He will have mercy on us, and not allow the reset button to be pressed, we all know which button that is, CHAS VE SHALOM. It appears everyone is angry and aggressive, and have no respect for human life whatsoever, i wonder what it would take to stop this shocking degeneration CHAS VE SHALOM😡😡😢😭

  20. wow, what a response…..just do justice……carry and protect yourself and your friend….remove all the darkness of your streets and wrap them in chains….

  21. “…and what would have happened had he or his friends had a gun or knife???
    Yerachaim Hashem!!!”

    SO CARRY A GUN OR A KNIFE and learn how to use them. Don’t be a sheep.

  22. You can’t carry a gun or a knife in New York City. Very few people have permits for carrying a gun. If you get arrested for hitting or hurting someone you will get sued financially. Most people don’t want that. There is no way to defend yourself in NYC legally other than to run away or walk with a mean looking dog. This is a DemocRATic city. It’s anti victim.

  23. Dan L’Kaf Zchus- Maybe they wanted to intimidate the violent man because they knew they couldn’t take him so they filmed it to scare him that it would be used as evidence. One guy left the scene presumably to see if he was alright. In any event if you want Hashem to give you the benefit of the doubt on this Rosh HaShannah judge Yidden favorably and make constructive suggestions. In the meantime, every energy should be used to demand that the police make a swift arrest and that the prosecution do its job.It will be a victory simply to get the identity of the perp being that the courts won’t prosecute.

  24. The leaders of our Jewish communities need to come to terms with the reality that big cities in Democrat run states are not safe for jews anymore. It is true that these communities have been in Brooklyn or Queens or Manhattan for generations, but there were also big jewish communities in Warsaw, and Munich, and Berlin for centuries.
    The mayor will not protect you, the police will not protect you, your neighbors will not protect you. The rabbis and other leaders have a responsibility to their shuls and their communities to organize efforts for people to learn to protect themselves and their families.
    Get trained and get armed, or get out of NY. Or both.

  25. what happened with the לאו, לא תעמוד על דם ריעך ?no one lifting a finger ?worse just standing and filming the whole thing letting the animal get away.. where are we as a nation have we no feeling towards another jew?
    we’ve reached a low point in our history where we cant lift a finger to protect our brothers

  26. and if they would’ve fought back,,,,,,,,, what kinda dirt would be said about them then…huh???
    Its all a corrupted media.. “THANK YOU” YWN for being a trigger of anti-semitism by posting this dumb headline.

  27. Short clips of an incident most times gives a skewed picture of what is happening and what any response should be.
    Besides that you don’t see what happened earlier or later, you also don’t see the crowds that may be out of view and understand why people are acting this way.

    This is a 22 second video
    10 seconds before he hits
    12 seconds after – when he immediately stopped and was moving away… [so not actually a current danger]

    Videoing this can help catch him and prevent recurrence…
    Often just seeing people videoing is also enough to prevent violence happening, as they know they can be identified! So actually videoing such events should be encouraged!

    Making this into a bigger fight does not help, and just means that the one who gets involved is also likely to be arrested for any action he takes, not even in self defence…

    Calling people out in this way is highly irresponsible and likely means that
    1. in the future people will either not video thus making it harder to catch perpetrator of violence, as now don’t want to video, in case they will be videoed by others and if that video goes viral they are called out for “just standing by and videoing”…
    2. Alternatively, they may get involved when in the big picture this could also work against them and the community… Holding him there until police arrive depends on the number of people and the strength of those involved to take this action without getting hurt…

    All in all, this response seems kneejerk and not the most shocking thing is the headline that accompanied this viral video, not the actual response!!

    This video with similar headline was on many Jewish websites and other content carriers but it seems to be a mistaken message. We should all be safe and have much Hatzlocho.