TRUMP DOUBLES DOWN: Demands New Election “NOW” or Declared “Rightful Winner”


Former President Donald Trump reiterated his assertion that the 2020 presidential election was fundamentally broken and demanded that he be reinstated as commander-in-chief or have a do-over of the election.

“The Presidential Election was BADLY & IRREPARABLY TAINTED by the FBI’s FAKE description of the ‘Laptop from Hell’ to Facebook & the LameStream Media – and for MANY other reasons as well,” Trump posted to Truth in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

“Declare the rightful winner, or hold a new Election, NOW!” Trump continued. “Our Country, which is failing badly, knows the ‘score,’ and will never accept Criminal Election Interference. The FBI just fired its Special Agent in Charge of this outrageous & very illegal assault on the Constitution of the United States of America!”

A day prior, Trump made his first call to be reinstated as president or for a presidential election re-do to take place, pointing to reports that the FBI urged Facebook to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Apparently the immoral lying adulterer is desperate to be reinstated as an attempt not to be prosecuted. The DOJ has revealed his complete guilt in stealing, concealing, obstructing and lying about the documents in his possession.

  2. rt your just a hatter and a stupid dem, why dont u like trump cause he was the best president by far, they treaded him like crap from the beginning, hes crazy but awesome as a president if you like it or not

  3. go into Bidens house or Barack “Hasan” Obamas house whooo wait what youll find there, they are just a bunch of stupit dems trying everything trump shouldn’t run again

  4. In he meantime, North Carolina legislature voted to amend the State constitution to require voter ID in order to vote. The State Supreme Court (along party lines) voided the State constitutional amendment (4 Democrats against 3 Republicans) because there were accusations that in the election that elected these state legislators (which was years earlier) there was allegedly gerrymandering happening. And the court ruled that “far reaching” changes cannot be instituted by a legislature that is under such a cloud of suspicion.

  5. Nothing can change reality that President Donald Trump שליט”א was the unquestionable winner of the 2020 election, and the sleazy democRATS stole this election

  6. Immoral lying adulterer named RT. you need to go for therapy for the trauma you went through with Trump. we do not know your dark secrets but it is obvious that Trump is not your problem. You would not be calling him that name for so many years and hundreds of times if you did not have an affair with him. It is time to go further. There are great therapists out there who can help you.

  7. If the 2020 election is to be redone because of an FBI action or inaction, the 2016 election should also be redone because of Comey’s statements weeks before the election.
    However there is no provision to redo an election and Trump knows that. Trump also knows that he was down in the polling in weeks prior to the election that he lost. Months before the election he was already ranting that if he lost it would only be because of election fraud.
    Yesterday he posted almost 100 comments on his Truth platform which seems to indicate that he’s very upset with recent news. I’m worried about the state of his mental health.
    Trump admirers should make mishabayrachs for Donald John ben Mary.

  8. He’s 100% correct to feel aggrieved, as more and more evidence comes out of how he was robbed. But he can’t possibly be serious about the remedies he’s demanding. He has to know that what he’s demanding is just not possible. It can’t be done, and it couldn’t be done even if we could prove beyond doubt that 20 million of Biden’s votes were forgeries. Not even if we could prove that Biden personally conspired to forge them; not even if he were convicted and sent to prison for it. There is just no such thing as a redo of a presidential election, and not even the supreme court can order one.

  9. Nobody says Trump does not act stupid or worse. Even so, there is never an excuse by Yidden to have such open hatred.. Besides kofue Tova. Unless he would be an amaleki, which is doubtful.

  10. Sort of funny that some of the premier trolls here in the CR don’t realize when they are being trolled, albeit from the social media posts of a delusional former President in cognitive decline.