Chareidi Soldier May be Evicted from Elad


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idffnAn IDF soldier assigned to one of the military’s chareidi units is having a difficult time at home, in his community of Elad. During recent weeks he received notices insisting that he refrain from returning to and leaving from their home dressed in uniform, suggesting that he inquire with IDF officials towards permitting him to come and go in civilian clothing.

The letters however did not stop with the recommendation as Walla News adds the neighborhood committee is unwilling to tolerate this young man coming and going in uniform. He was instructed to leave the neighborhood within two weeks or the vaad will have to have his rental agreement invalidated and he will then have to leave Elad.

Elad City Hall officials explain they are not aware of the case and when they are informed, officials will know how to respond.

The Office of the IDF Spokesman statement reads, “The IDF denounces and condemns any attempt to harm its soldiers who work day and night in defense of the country.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Terminating a lease in Israel because the Lessee wears an IDF uniform? This soldier, god bless him, is in for a small windfall from the damages the court will award him. And, of course, he will get to keep his lease as well.

  2. If C”V terrorists were to infiltrate the community, would the residents prefer that no IDF members in uniform enter and kill the terrorists? Somehow, I doubt that.

  3. The government has created a situation where one must choose whether to be hareidi or zionist. Netanyahu, Bennet and Lapid ended the old policy that allowed one to straddle the fence. The young man should move to a non-hareidi community, or should resign from the army.

    In case one hasn’t noticed, the Arabs have not targetted hareidi communities (for the most part). Being known as a community that doesn’t welcome zionist soldiers will significantly reduce the risk of attack.

  4. I vividly remember a Charedi community protesting that they don’t receive enough military personnel to provide them safety, all the while holding signs reading “Torah D’Magna U’Matzla”. Make up your mind.

  5. It appears to me that the perpetrators of this ridiculous and meaningless attack on a religious soldier are a selected group of radical extremists that have found a “cause” to waste their efforts on. Five years ago no one would have thought twice. Once the Erev Rav started their campaign to wage war on Limud HaTorah, the Sonei Yisroel (religious extremist) jumped in to defend the Torah “Sh’lo Lishma”.

    ושאינה לשם שמים, אין סופה להתקיים

  6. Number 5. i have read this drivel ffom you before. i suggezst that you will be welcome in the PA territories with open arms. Beware however that if you need help the IDF will and should shun your requests.Where is the outcry from the Roshei Yeshiva and the Charedi community.

  7. Softwords:
    Those are not soft words at all. “Erev Rav” is a nasty, highly offensive term for your fellow Jews. Shame on you. And they are not waging a war. They simply disagree with you. Grow up.

    I am appalled to see that a Jewish boy just trying to do his duty as he sees it is threatened with completely illegal eviction from his home. Apparently law and halacha mean nothing to the allegedly frum Jews doing the threatening. I do not approve of their type of Yiddishkeit. Apparently, when there’s a problem, all their learning gets ignored.

  8. #5 akpuerma – As usual, you are spouting erudite falsehoods. Chareidim have most certainly been targets of Arab terrorism, including:

    1. The attack on the #2 bus from the Kotel. The majority of those riding that bus – and killed in the attack, would be considered Chareidi.

    2. The attack on the bus to Elad during the course of the second intifada. As an aside, I have a friend who was hired by the community after that attack to train the local civil defense squad, since the literally ran away during the bus attack when the Arabs started shooting at them, as they had no army training in how to respond when under fire.

    3. The attempt to plant a bomb in the Me’ah She’arim/Beis Yisroel area, where a local resident pulled the detonator (a cell phone) out before the bomb went off.

    I could go on, but all three of these stories were well-reported at the time and should be easy to find with a basic Google search. You are ignoring these because they don’t jibe with your oft-expressed fantasy vision of Jews living happily and harmoniously as a protected minority in a Muslim-dominated world. Face the truth – Jews, whether Zionist, post-Zionist, anti-Zionist or otherwise, are viewed as legitimate targets by Arabs, who are opposed to any Jewish presence in their midst. In case you haven’t noticed, when attacking Jews – in Israel or elsewhere – they yell “Itbargh al Yahud” (“Slaughter the Jew”), not “Itbargh al Sayoun” (“Slaughter the Zionist”).

    Facts can be SO inconvenient, can’t they?

    an Israeli Yid (currently in Chu”l, where it’s not yet Shabbos)

  9. Softwords:
    I regret speaking so harshly. I’m sorry.

    I HATE that term, erev rav. If you spent some time living in places where there were only a handful of Jews (as I have), you become more appreciative of them – regardless of their level observance. Ahavas Yisroel is very important.

  10. The chareidi world will have to deal with their extremists. It was the spitter in beit shemesh who brought Lapid to power. More extremism will lead toore empowerment for the anti-chareidi community.