Jewish Woman Unharmed in Shooting Attack Thanks to Her Shaitel


A Jewish woman who came under fire in Williamsburg and was hit in the head was unharmed due to being protected her shaitel.

Police say the incident occurred at about 7:20 pm on Shabbos, when a vehicle approached a 21-year-old Jewish woman standing at the corner of Ross Street and Bedford Avenue, and one of its occupants opened fire at her.

She was struck in the head by the projectiles – police said they were some sort of beads – but her shaitel protected her from injury by absorbing the blows.

Police are now investigating the attack, though they are reportedly not sure whether it was antisemitic in nature.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. What’s a disgusting article ! She would have better die Al kidush hashem then being saved by her avoda zara ! She doesn’t have the merit to die Al kidush hashem ! When will you open your eyes my brothers , when !!!

  2. Told ya! Covering one’s hair, including wearing a sheitel, offers protection. We see it’s physical as well as spritual.

    B”H the woman was unharmed, but it’s open season on Jews in Brooklyn. It seems the police either are incapable or don’t care enough to stop these random attacks and find the perpetrators.

    So much for an ex-cop becoming Mayor.

  3. Seriously? If the beads didn’t penetrate the sheitle then they would not have done serious harm without the sheitle…
    This was NOT a ‘shooting’ attack. ‘Shooting’ implies real bullets that are deadly………

  4. Eric Adams needs to focus on this non-ending crime and stop deflecting from this back to working in office 5 days a weeks:- Just a distraction from his real problems.
    sleepy joe needs to focus on this non-ending crime and stop deflecting from this back to reaching the Moon & Mars by 2025:- Just a distraction from his real problems.

  5. The biggest issue is that this guy will be let out of jail in no time !! Explain to me what’s Pshat that people can do bad crime & then get let out if jail so fast

  6. To “emetof…..”, what a disgusting comment!! and where is comment moderation here? You cannot allow ppl to post blasphemous and libelous comments freely
    And anyway, those sheitels under shpitzels are generally synthetic, 100% kosher lmehadrin

  7. Doesn’t sound like a real gun but a Airsoft replica. Basically a realistic toy that shoots plastic pellets. If it had been a real gun, she’d be dead.

  8. I agree with Sugya25. Let’s stop fabricating nissim by sensationalizing stories. If it was a gunshot that was somehow deflected, that’s one thing, but it sounds like it was some low velocity projectile (maybe a gel blaster which is the latest thing kids are using) which would have given her minimal pain if any. Is it a neis that she didn’t feel any pain? And was it bizchus the shaitel? Every time we do this we take away from the impact of actual nissim (including the vey basic nissim of everyday life, cloaked in ‘nature’) like the boy who cried wolf.

  9. and if she didn’t wear a sheitel she probably wouldn’t have been shot at at all

    the vast, vast majority of today’s sheitels are completely not tznius

  10. Sounds like fake news. Women in Williamsburg don’t wear sheitels, not tzneisdig enough for them. They certainly don’t wear anything like the ones in the picture.

  11. History Bluff,

    While they may not wear sheitels like the one pictured, many Williamsburg women most certainly do wear them, under an additional head-covering.

  12. Fake news
    If it was a bullet she would be dead
    If it was not a bullet the wig didn’t do anything
    Most likely it was a BB gun or orbee gun and the most she would’ve gotten is a little sting