Butcher of Tehran To UN: “No Regime Has Ever Been As Savage As The Zionist”

President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi addresses the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022 at U.N. headquarters. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

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Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi called Israel an ” occupying, savage power” during his speech at the UN General Assembly on Wednesday afternoon.

“The region has not seen previously such an occupying, savage power such as the Zionist regime in its midst in the past,” Raisi said.

“The killing of children and women are present in the dark report card of the Zionist regime.”

“It has managed to form the biggest prison in the world in Gaza. And the building, the expansion of settlements of housing illegally on Palestinian Authority and the killing of their children and new generations shows everyone that seven decades of Israeli occupation and savagery is still with us and not ending.”

During his speech, about 3,000 Iranian dissidents gathered outside the UN in protest and hundreds of photos of people executed by the Iranian regime were displayed.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. How he could possibly get away with saying these outlandish lies in the United Nations is mind boggling. Everything he said multiplied by a million applies to his own regime. Hopefully the protests going on in Iran will continue and bring down this malchus harisha bkorev.

  2. The fact that US Govt. allows him a visa into our country is mind boggling. This scum is our greatest enemy and Homeland Security threat. As well an enemy & threat to our closest Mideast ally Israel. UN is based in US means we decide who comes in & who is denied entry!! Or UN can move to Bangladesh

  3. the fact that lies have such an audience is abominable…..what can you say to someone who is so so limited……we stand alone with Hashem…..what better weapon is there…..may he rot in Gehinnon

  4. These are the words of Rov Chaim Soloveitchik., “The Jewish people have suffered many plagues – the Sadducees, Karaites, Hellenisers, Shabbesai Zvi, Haskalah, Reform and many others. But the strongest of them all is Zionism.” (Mishkenos Haro’im p.269) Sometimes, if we fail to see it, the truth may come forth from the mouth of a donkey. (Parshas Balak)

  5. well, he has one sided vision. What the Arabs have done to the Jews for the past 100 years in Palestine/Israel/eretz Yisroel he doesn’t notice, but anyone who reads history will know that we Jews have been attacked by Arabs since coming back to Israel.

  6. Unfortunately, Mr. Raisi has a point. Before all of the pro-Zionist commenters of YWN jump on me, just read the book Perfidy by Ben Hecht and The Unheeded Cry by Avraham Fuchs. See for yourselves how the Zionists had a chance to rescue one million Jews in Hungary from the so-called “Holocaust” in exchange for ten thousand trucks, but refused. So if anything, calling the Zionists an “occupying, savage power” is an understatement!

  7. Couldn’t agree more with you, Yossi Shtup. All the Gedolei Yisroel saw the Zionists for who they truly were/are. I don’t know at what point exactly, even the very frum Yidden lost their derech. But, for those who still follow emes (the chachomim), it should be clear that Yiddishkeit and Zionism do not just NOT go together, they are in fact totally opposed to one another. People need to choose their side before bias HaMoshiach. Please, remember the age-old call: Mi LaShem Elai!!!

  8. This has nothing to do with pro Zionists or anti Zionists. There are no real Zionists today and no ehrliche Yid agrees with the ideals of secular Zionism. But I must say when this rotzeach animal gets up in the UN and says lies about Israel killing Arab woman and children and it is the most savage regime in the region etc… and a Yid could say “he has a point” that really stinks, and no gadol b’Yisroel would ever say such a thing. You bring up things that happened 80 years ago, that were indeed terrible, but none of those people are alive today. Attitudes such as some expressed here of not calling out this monster and justifying him, endangers the lives of the 8 million or so Yidden living today in Eretz Yisroel aprox 25% of whom are shomer Torah umitzvos.

  9. I read Perfidy. Doesn’t change my opinion in the slightest due to it being about a single Zionist; who acted wrongly but Yossi Shtup probably doesn’t know how he rationalized it (devil’s advocate).
    Plus Yossi Shtup is a Holocaust denier (as noted by him saying it was a “so called “Holocaust””).

  10. I don’t disagree with that guy. The Gemara on Daf Mem Daled amud Bais. One Bechorot Seventh Perek Speaking about unhealthy מומין. The Mishna there explains that certain “ tempers” are unacceptable. And I believe that the Zionistic Agenda is up to a very high debate… to a point where the Iranian President perhaps be very much right.
    Never forget that the vast majority of the Jewish people flourished in a much greater way than when they were in Eretz Isroel. It’s an unfortunate true.
    Settlements are 100% unacceptable…
    However ashem promised us
    The Beracha of Veishavtem Barets…
    And therefore (some people will say it’s okay)
    שועל אומר ‏אוי בונה ביתו בלא צדק ‏ועליותיו בלא משפט ברעהו יעבוד חינם ופעלו לא יתן לו

  11. A good voch, chatzkal. Noone ever said that Raisi is a tzaddik. He is for sure a monster who will at some point pay for what he did. If not in this world, then for sure in the coming. It’s just funny that our Knesset is pointing the finger and, at the same time, ignoring the fingers that are pointing back at them. I live in EY, so let me tell you what is going on here. No one is in any way referring to the ehrliche Yidden that are shomrei Torah u’mitzvos. Most of them have no connection to this corrupted Medina anyway. So let’s leave them aside for now. Now, we all do remember only too well what happened over the past two years, especially at the beginning of the so-called mageifa, when Bibi was still running the show. He had no problem to hand over 9Million Yidden, to become the “W*rld’s greatest lab” according to “Pf!zer” CEO A. B*urla. Which brings me to the Israeli Knesset that is representing the Zionist Medina y’s. Among the 120 members that are sitting in the Israeli Knesset, most certainly, no one is a tzaddik. How true this is, we could all see surfacing last year, during the “xav” (read backward) campaigns. Did any of them care about Am Yisroel enough to stop those “cl*t-sh*ts” from being distributed to the broad population? Did any of them even care when that poison was shot into the kid’s arms? Was there anyone who spoke up? I don’t remember anyone. Maybe Shasha Biton tried a little. And maybe Feiglin dropped some “SREAV” (read backward) stats in a Knesset meeting. But they were very quickly silenced by the entire xav (read backward)-mob that is currently occupying the Israeli Knesset and, who are pushing down and rolling over anyone and anything that is sticking out in opposition to the accepted narrative. It is a shame that this place took the name as well as the tradition of the 120 men from the “Anshei Knesset haGedolah” since none of them even remotely resembles any of those tzaddikim. In the Gemora, Rabbi Yehuda says: “During the generation that the son of Dovid comes, the hall of the assembly of the Sages will be designated for prostitution.” And, we all can see clearly that a bunch of bribed whores are sitting in the Israeli Knesset today, selling themselves for power, fame, and money to Big Pharma and, anyone else who pays well. Busha!!!, that there should even be another election soon. But, sadly, there are still enough brain-dead Israelis who are stupid enough to give any of those mass murderers their votes. After all they collectively did to us!! We may as well vote for Amalek to take over. That’s it in a nutshell, what is going on in this cursed Medina. May MBD come very soon and destroy all those Erev Rav traitors, that are destroying Am Yisroel from within!!!

  12. @chiefshmerel
    Yossi Shtup seems to be really confused. First, he blames the Zionists for not helping enough during the Shoah but then calls it the “so called Holocaust”. Anti-Zionism blinds people so much they don’t even know what they are saying.

  13. My grandfather built Gaza for jews to live in – and then 17 years ago – Israel GAVE AWAY Gaza to the “”Palestinians””, in exchange for ‘Peace’. I am as anti-zionist as is possible, but to say ‘Israel built the biggest jail in the world – Gaza’ is simply ****** (no words).

    PS there are (past & present) worse groups than the zionists – but they are the most successful.

  14. My dear so called “yossi shtup”or whatever your Name is first of all, after seeing your comment, I’m not sure if you’re jewish at all……..
    Now let’s see piece by piece of your intense wisdom.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Raisi has a point. Before all of the pro-Zionist commenters of YWN[were not pro Zionists… all we want is to understand how a yid has the chutzpa to write such a disgusting comment on a heimisha news platform. And even for trying to be cute and waiting for messages like this one….. even jokes have their limit and boundaries] jump on me, just read the book Perfidy by Ben Hecht and The Unheeded Cry by Avraham Fuchs. See for yourselves how the Zionists had a chance to rescue one million Jews in Hungary from the so-called “Holocaust” [can you pls perhaps explain the
    reason of phrasing an event in such a disrespectful way,that killed all our grandparents in the most brutal ways in history”?!?!?] in exchange for ten thousand trucks, but refused. So if anything, calling the Zionists an “occupying, savage power” is an understatement [so im still not sure where raisi ym”sh has a ???point??? he didn’t talk about the event you mentioned so where did he make a valid point??]

    Now Mr shtup pls apologies for your stupidity or at least reply, I would love to hear what a person like this has to answer you can also contact me in private on wattsa

  15. When the Iranian president says Zionist he means Jews and I would not believe him if he made a distinction but anyone who gives credence to what he says is a self-hating Jew. There is no truth to his claims Jews are murdering Palestinian women and children. They themselves do more harm to their own than Israelis can ever dream of

  16. Watchful, thank you for your polite response. Although we don’t agree on everything I’m glad we agree that Raisi is a monster. I think that’s quite obvious. I would hope that Y.S. agrees as well. About the shots, Israel’s pushing them in my opinion has zero to do with Zionism. Many countries coerced people into getting the covid vaccine although Israel was from the first experimenters. They did what they believed was in the best interest of the people medically and scientifically. They didn’t actually force people to take it although they made life quite difficult for those who didn’t. I don’t go for all these conspiracy theories and I’m not an anti vaxer although I do have issues with the covid shot. I don’t believe there was any underlying secret motive to get people vaccinated. As for finger pointing, Iran has threatened many times to destroy Israel and they are close to having nuclear weapons. Whether you agree with the Israeli government or not about anything, the fact is they are they are government today in E.Y. and are responsible to do what they can to protect their citizens. A ksiva vachasim toiva and a git yur.

  17. A good voch, chatzkal. I am also wishing you a good yur and a gmar chasima toiva. Sorry, I am only getting now to reply to your post. I must disagree with you regarding the Zionist regime not being involved in that scam. This regime is under the direct control of the R*thsch!ld family. There is even a painting of them, meeting with Shim*n Peres and Y!tzhak Rab!n, hanging at the Supreme Court’s entrance. That alone should tell us who is making the rules here. And, who that family is, I do not have to explain to you, I am sure. They and many other elite families have been conspiring against humanity for years. This is not a conspiracy theory, but a conspiracy fact. If you do not believe me, you should check out on Yahoo Finance the stockholders of the various C-vaccines, Mercks’ pharmaceuticals, and many of the popular companies and products. The names that will most frequently appear are draugnaV (read backward) and Blackr*ck. I am sorry, I have to decode certain words in my posts, as YWN has been censoring me very frequently. Now, how is that connected to the Zionists? Since the beginning of this cursed Medina, the Zionists have experimented on the people. The first experiment was just after the founding of the Zionist state. The R!ngw*rm Affair. The MoH conducted high radiation experiments on Sephardi children, of whom many died and others were injured for life. My friend’s mother is one of the many injured survivors. The whole story was kept highly confidential for many years (similar to the Pf!zer contract). When the Ethiopians immigrated in the 1980s, they were forced to take “Depo-Provera”, a drug known to cause infertility. Another story is the Anthrax experiments that the MoH conducted on Israeli soldiers, in the 1990s. With similar outcomes as the first story. There was also a hospital by the name of Herzfeld. Experiments on elderly people were conducted there. One lady who was murdered there was a survivor of Dr M’s experimentation chambers. The Zionists simply finished the job. Between the years 2011 and 2015, the MoH gave newborn Jewish babies an experimental Hepatitis B vax (Sci-B-Vac). About 600,000 babies ended up with mental retardation because of it. The case is currently applying to go before the Supreme Court. As for the cl*t shots? To understand the full scope of what we are talking about here, you should go to “open sreav(read backward) com” and see for yourself. In the US alone, 1,417,671 people had adverse events, 31,071 are dead. The EMA has very similar numbers. And, if we had a recording system here, in EY, the numbers would be similar percentage-wise, when adjusted to our population. We have been lied to by a government that has NOT our best in mind, but are trying to get rid of the majority of us. For years, they have been talking about the overpopulation of the world. And the first they want to get rid of are the frum Yidden. Why? Because we oppose literally EVERYTHING they believe in and stand for. It’s time for our people to face the horrendous truth. We are only just beginning to see the aftermath of what those killer sh*ts have done to our people, and to humanity as a whole. There are daily cases of young and healthy people dropping dead like flies. But, the full scope of it, we will only see within the next five years or so. These are not my own words, but the words of those who have thoroughly investigated those death sh*ts. May HaShem yisborach have rachmonus on us!!! Did you know that during the so-called “sw!ne flu” they also started to inject people but, after 50 deaths worldwide, the poison was pulled off the market? What is taking them so long this time? If simple people like me can see the meaning behind the shocking data, how can they not? And why all the censorship? You know, the only voices that are ALWAYS silenced in a d!ctatorsh!p are those that tell the uncomfortable truth. It was like this during A.H., yimach shmo’s dictatorship, and it was the same during Marx and Lenin yimach shmam’s dictatorship. Ain chadash tachas ha’shemesh!!!