PM Yair Lapid Says He Supports Two-State Solution to Israel-Palestinian Conflict

Gil Cohen-Magen/Pool Photo via AP, File)

Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Thursday, Israeli premier Yair Lapid announced that he is in favor of a two-state solution that would provide Palestinians with their own country.

“An agreement with the Palestinians, based on two states for two peoples, is the right thing for Israel’s security, for Israel’s economy, and for the future of our children,” Lapid said.

“Still today, a large majority of Israelis support the vision of this two-state solution. I am one of them,” he declared.

“We have only one condition,” Lapid stressed. “That the future Palestinian state will be a peaceful one.”

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides applauded Lapid’s call for a two-state solution, saying that the speech was “courageous” and that “peaceful coexistence is [the] only way forward.”

In his speech, Lapid also urged nations to rally against Iran’s nuclear ambitions, saying that if the ayatollah-led regime gets its hands on such a weapon, “they will use it.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Even with a 2 state solution there will never be peace in our country.
    Lapid doesn’t understand or care to understand its reality. The terrorist or their proxies will never stop their activities until they have it all with all of the Jewish people DEAD.
    Thank G-D he doesn’t have the power now.

  2. When will these fools understand-
    As long as there’s a Jew alive, 75% of goyim will want us dead!
    Christians cannot be trusted. Muslims much more so!

  3. What a hypocrite! He quotes the Book, (the Torah) as being the source of Jews inheriting the holy land. Why doesn’t he think about the “Book” when he invites a diplomat to eat with him in a treifa restaurant, emphasising that he paid for it too!
    He’s a רשע with a smooth tongue!!

  4. Lakewhut, Israel did not always support one. On the contrary, it used to be taboo to even mention the idea. And in deference to Israel, no US president ever openly supported the idea, until that great friend of Israel, W. Bush. I don’t doubt his friendship, and I’m sure he was unaware of how radical and hostile a step he was taking, and the Israeli government of the time did not enlighten him, but it was unprecedented.

    Lapid is an idiot, he’s always been an idiot, but he’s not the first PM to say this stupid thing. That was none other than the one now pretending to be “Mr Right”, Bee-Bee Netanyahu. Who is no idiot, but completely self-absorbed and has no spine.

  5. There are many majority-Christian nations in the world. The Buddhists have seven countries. The Hindus have three. The Muslims have forty-nine. The Jews have one, smaller in size than the State of New Jersey, growing smaller still as the years pass by. It is the height of immorality, the definition of villainy, and the quintessence of evil to destroy that singular, miniscule Jewish country in order to provide the Muslims with a fiftieth.

    May G-d protect our beautiful little Israel from the onslaught of Jew-hating nations as well as from the capitulation of weak, unprincipled Jews who would trade their own people for a moment of virtue-signaling glory.

    שנה טובה ושנת גאולה לעם ישראל. אמן