Satmar Tzibur (Aronim) Observes a Fast on Thursday After Sifrei Torah Fall To Floor R”L


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satmAs the last day of Shovavim Tat 5774 approaches, the Satmar community has called for observing a fast day accompanied by the recitation of Tehillim in light of the difficult situation in Eretz HaKodesh today. Those unable to observe a fast day are encouraged to do a pidyon via the בריתי שלם organization which was created to combat efforts against Metzitzah B’peh In NYC .

The decision to call for a fast and tefilos was precipitated by three events in particular involving Sifrei Torah falling to the ground in recent months and the Satmar Rebbe Shlita of Williamsburg decided to declare the fast.

Last Tuesday, during a Satmar kenos attended by thousands in Williamsburg, in the presence of the rebbe the declaration was made regarding Thursday being declared a fast day. On erev Shabbos Parshas Tetzaveh 5774, Satmar communities worldwide will participate in the recitation of Tehillim during the early morning hours and the Rebbe Shlita of Kiryas Yoel will be participating.

The Satmar Rov made the announcement in the name of his father, the rebbe, beginning by addressing a new item that is making its way into homes, one that permits children to view movies. The rov called upon parents not to give this to children, adding in the new future this would be addressed in the form of new takonos.

In a pained crying voice the rebbe addressed recent events, the tragedies that have befallen the tzibur, telling how doctors consulted with him a year ago to tell him of a new illness that is appearing in women. The doctors wanted to request the women come in to be checked for fear they do not do so at home. The rebbe explained the doctors came back to him in recent weeks to explain the problem is not the fact that few have been checked, but the reality that women are being inflicted with terrible illness.

The rov stated “My father shlita receives kvitlach daily from women who have been diagnosed, and while we do not understand HKBH’s cheshbonos, my father decided to follow the Rambam, explaining if they say it is the way of nature, then it is cruel. My father has come to the conclusion we must check what was breached in recent years, adding it might be the breach that girls and women started wearing makeup in a way that is contrary to Halacha.

“We have found in recent years this breach to wear makeup in a forbidden manner is by those profiting from it, even convincing young girls to start wearing makeup in a fashion that is prohibited by all. Therefore it has been decided that a special vaad has been created to address this. Each family has an obligation to undo that which is forbidden according to Halacha, especially of late when it has led to terrible Chilul Shabbos and prohibitions of kores. In addition, there will be gatherings in the coming weeks for women of the community around the world to teach them the applicable Halachos”.

The rov then spoke of the Sefer Torah that fell R”L last Simchas Torah during kriyas Hatorah in one of the side room minyanim in Williamsburg. The following day the Aaron Kodesh fell and miraculously there were no physical causalities. On Shabbos Chanukah the paroches fell during davening. As it is written in Shulchan Aruch, one must fast for this, especially according to the psak of רבה”ק בעל היטב לב מסיגוט, that this fasting should be during the Shovavim and this is the last week. Therefore the decision was made to observe it on Thursday. The rov added anyone unable to fast should donate $100 to tzedaka to the vaad and one who fasts should give $72 to the וועד כופר נפש.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Baruch Hashem it is heartening to see a leader who takes action and responds to crisis’ and gives direction on how the klal needs to act and react to the simanim that HKB”H is sending.

  2. Terrible tragedies, ilnesses, sefer torah falling, aron kodesh falling, paroches falling, maybe it’s a sign that Satmar is wrong about, you know, everything?

  3. Of course these are serious issues that need to be addressed.

    BUT, I find it curious that nobody is suggesting that another possible cause for these calamities is… MACHLOKOS!
    And related Chilul Hashem!

    Perhaps it’s actually the main cause…

    This reminds me of the guy who was a sinner.
    He was either a thief, or he badly disrespected his parents, or completely stopped learning Torah, etc. whatever.

    When he started suffering divine punishments (sickness, poverty, Legal problems, etc.)he stated that he realizes that Hashem is sending him a message that he must improve his ways.

    So he decided that from now on… He’s gonna wear a Gartel by Dahvening…