BIDEN WASTES MONEY: USAID Grants $7.8 M. For ‘Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue’

US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides and USAID Mission Director Amy Tohill-Stull speak at an event in Jerusalem on September 28, 2022. (David Azagury/US Embassy Jerusalem)

The US Agency for International Development announced the selection of three congressional grants totaling $7.8 million for Israeli-Palestinian “dialogue.”

The grants follow the passing of the Middle East Partnership for Peace Act (MEPPA) by Congress in 2020, committing $250 million over five years for peacebuilding efforts.

Former congresswoman Nita Lowey, who spearheaded the MEPPA act with Geroge Salem, announced the grants during a visit to Israel and the PA.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. To the beneficiaries of the grant, it is not a waste. Most recipients of grants (including many frum individuals and organizations) consider the money they are granted to have been well spent; that’s what patronage is all about. The Democrats won the last election, and get to hand out money to their friends.

  2. It’s a popular statement to seek diplomacy to maintain peace (or establish) in the Middle East. What is consistently missing from this discussion is that israel is the only party involved that wants peace. Israel can co-exist with Palestinians. But the Arabs have been quite consistent. They tell Western powers that they want peace, just to get the aid in money and weapons from them. But then they take these resources, and direct them to commit more and more terror. They do not use the humanitarian aid to provide food for their population. They build schools that are basically launch pads for rockets. The money that should be funding food becomes military camps. They do not value or even believe that an Israeli life should continue. They are savage murderers who want to spill the blood of every Israeli and every Jew elsewhere. But Biden will still flood these animals with money. These savages are not verbal, and the spoken, written, or signed word has zero meaning to them. YOU CANNOT NEGOTIATE WITH A TERRORIST. All such efforts are doomed, and every dollar invested is wasted.