“Jewish Supremacy:” The Israeli Journalist Who Incites The World Against Us

Religious Zionist leaders Itamar Ben-Gvir and Betzalel Smotrich. (Spokesperson)

As the “entire world” quakes in fear of the Religious Zionist politicians Betzalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir, Israeli journalist Avishai Grinzaig slammed left-wing Israeli journalist Barak Ravid for inciting English speakers against Israeli politicians.

Ravid, who writes for Axios and Walla News, wrote an article about the Biden administration’s “fears” that Betzalel Smotrich would be appointed as defense minister. In his Axios report, he dubbed the merged party of Itamar Ben-Gvir and Betzalel Smotrich as the “Jewish supremacist Religious Zionism list” but left out that term in Walla‘s Hebrew version.

“The journalist Barak Ravid wrote an article in Hebrew (for Walla) and in English (for Axios) on the concerns of the Biden administration about the expected appointment of Smotrich [as defense minister],” Grinzaig wrote. “Smotrich’s title is the ‘leader of the Jewish supremacist party’ only in English and his party is the ‘Jewish supremacist party’ only in English. What is the benefit of this?”

Grinzaig added: “Another change: in the English version, Ravid wrote that ‘it’s unclear whether the Biden administration will work with Smotrich, who has a track record of making racist, anti-Arab and anti-LGBTQ comments.'”

“In the Hebrew version, he wrote: ‘due to his racist statements and his extreme positions on the Palestinian issue.'”

“In English, Smotrich is the man of ‘Jewish supremacy’ and in Hebrew, he isn’t? In English, the Biden administration is worried about his anti-Arab and anti-LGBT statements, but in Hebrew, they’re not?”

“I don’t understand this concept. If you didn’t find it correct to write these descriptions in Hebrew, why write them in English?” Grinzaig queried.

Smotrich slammed Ravid’s description of his party, saying, “Out of its hatred for the right, the Israeli left is willing to irresponsibly harm the State of Israel, slandering it to the world with lies and damaging its foreign relations. From the perspective of Ravid and his friends, if they are not in power, they will do everything to cause the State of Israel to fail and then blame it on the right. Only those who don’t truly love the State can act this way.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Left is total sum of instigators.

    They in total sum promote ANTI JEWISH, ANTI RELIGIOUS IDIOLOGY and are found in every EU, American, Arab organization to do away and sale out the Jews.
    Just look at all the leaders of “legitimate” anti Semitic organizations, either against the state or religious organizations.

  2. One needs to remember how secular Israelis feel. From their perspective, the whole reason for zionism, and the establishment of the medinah, was to establish a place where Jews could flee from the yoke of Torah. Annoying goyim were never a problem since they could solve that problem by converting or moving to a relatively secular country and assimilating. They want a place where they could proudly assert Jewish ancestry and not be burden by Torah and Mitsvos. For them, the dream upon which they based their entire culture, is falling apart. Of course they are angry and desperate. Baruch ha-Shem.

  3. This self hating Jew hating Israel hating leftist sewer rat,is a thousand times more dangerous than rabies infected animals.
    The Halacha calls a rat like this a MOSER.
    With rabies infected sewer rats you don’t argue, you fumigate

  4. could care less what a secular jew thinks, I was once one….there is only one Israel and it is the one we all said I will and I will do to Moshe Rabbeinu……tell the goyem to get the h*ll out of our country and that goes for anyone else…..Esau was a stretch of evil and so are their inheritors…we must find a way to get along with our real families…..not gentiles

  5. I could care less how seculars feel….it is between their idiocy and Hashem….has nothing to do with us…..I just hope they have some sense….my home is never open to this form of nonsense….nor is it open to anyone from YWN….I believe this group is truly not directing this site appropriately

  6. I mean if we think about it, from a logical standpoint… he’s not wrong. There’s a lot of Jewish supremecy. Even more so among religious Jews. Just read the comments from our fellow community members here on YWN. It’s pretty disturbing. We should start listening to ourselves and I think many will see our narrative is not very different than the narratives that started a holocaust and many progroms.