Tragic: Fatal Drowning of Yeshiva Bochur In Eretz Yisrael



Another tragedy in Eretz Yisrael R”L, this time the petira of Chevron Yeshiva talmid Yonasan Miller z”l, 23, as a result of a drowning incident on Wednesday afternoon, 12 Adar I 5774.

Other talmidim and rabbonim describe the niftar as among the stronger talmidim in the yeshiva. Yoni was a son of Rabbi Yosef and Chemda Miller, residents of Givat Shaul, Yerushalayim.

The fatal event occurred in the Bir Zayit in the Jerusalem Hills. The levaya was held on Wednesday night in Khal Chassidim and kvura was in Har Menuchos.

News 24 adds that another tragedy occurred as the bus transporting talmidim to the levaya ran over a talmid, whose condition is described as serious. He underwent emergency surgery overnight and doctors fear that he may have to have a portion of a leg amputated chas v’sholom. His father is a ‘meishiv’ in Chevron Yeshiva.

YouTube video below of emergency personnel operating at the scene of the drowning:

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Photos & Video: Chadashot 24)