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FOAMING AT THE MOUTH: Trump Shrieks in Rage at Anyone Who’ll Listen

A raging – and possibly panicked – Donald Trump went on a social media tear Friday night, throwing a tantrum following the losses of his handpicked candidates in the midterms.

His first rant came after Blake Masters officially lost his election to incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly in the Arizona Senate race, in which he said the “Electron” was stolen.

He followed it up with a tirade against GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski and Senator Mitch McConnell.

He kept going a bit later in spastic bursts.

Trump was then, presumably, tucked into bed by Melania.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

31 Responses

  1. Who writes these articles? So childish.
    Don’t you realize you sound the same as the one you choose to attack in a belittling way?
    Why not stick with the context and leave the opinion journalism for an Oped.
    We lost the NY Governors race. You think we need to make more enemies?

  2. @ Yeshiva world news
    Dont muddle your message with over the top analogies.
    I dont like Trump either. Point out his faults with poise, and you will win the Decent to your side.
    Copy him, and you will be left with a similar result.

  3. Audit NY showed us how dirty the city voter rolls are, and are probably being used to cheat. It’s not so clear that Zeldin lost fairly.

  4. “Trump was then, presumably, tucked into bed by Melania.”

    YWN foaming at the mouth against Donald Trump. Have some dignity.

  5. I totally understand him.
    These elections are so obviously stolen and no one is listening, and instead they call you crazy.
    And he was a way better president than Obama Bush and Clinton put together, and he’s being told by his own party to shut up for absolutely no reason.
    And the US is going to ‘gehinom’…

  6. He has good points. pretty obvious. YWN is the one going berserk. The left has scared anybody from screaming Murder. Exactly what they wanted.

  7. YWN you are obviously listening. Stop reporting on someone who had his shot and for whatever reason is no longer relevant. You can only do harm with this reporting. Baruch HaShem your audience is not that broad but if your friends in the media are anything like you we are looking at four more years of president Kamala.

  8. Boy, you certainly have shifted your loyalties considering Trump! But it’s no problem, because I feel the same way. I am tired of Trump. I’ll vote for him against Biden, but I’d rather someone else ran. I’ve always said that he was a loose cannon with a running mouth, but against a liberal I would still take Trump. That’s the real shame of the election: we have no one better than Trump to vote for.

  9. Even if Trump is correct right now Trump is a big liability for the Republicans. His ego, his name calling, His insistence on still taking about the 2020 election. There is no way Trump will win in 24 he has way too much baggage. There are 4 words that resonate with liberals, democrats and we saw it now with many Independant’s. The four words are stolen election and January 6, Trump is doing a great job of reminding them every time he opens his mouth.

  10. You call it foaming tirade unhinged any term to get ppl to abandon him but you do not counter any of his points

    This is a liberal tactic of not debating rather insulting

    You have stooped to a new low, lower than your bedfellows in the fake news media

  11. YeshivaWorld FOAMS at the mouth as their hatred for Donald Trump reaches EPIC proportions and they shriek about him to anyone who will listen.

  12. All of Trump’s ranting was on the eve of his daughter Tiffany’s Shabbos wedding. Tiffany is his daughter with the 2nd wife, Marla Maples.

  13. This article, as written, is a disgrace and chillul Hashem.

    President Trump is perfectly entitled to state his views, which could be perfectly right, for all we (don’t) know.

    If you want to disagree, you can editorialize. But, especially when you claim to report news, don’t imitate the AP and Compost and the rest and start making fun of people, like you did to President Trump here, especially when it is certainly possible that they are right.

  14. Oh how the mighty have fallen
    I don’t think Napoleon carried on as much when they shipped him off to Elba!
    Hey, great idea…Elba is empty now..let’s ship him off there!

  15. Shmuel123, no Trump does not like to debate but he makes some points that he may be right about. I personally feel he’s right about election fraud. However, regardless, the point that lbj is making is that YWN is not countering the points that Trump makes but instead is foaming at the mouth themselves.

    The way the YWN lately writes is juvenile. Whether it is about Trump or even the Hochul, as much as I see her as an evil person, YWN needs to be more dignified and be more toned down. Let’s not forget that we are in golus.

  16. YWN Democrats are foaming at the mouth when anyone dares to complain about the massive evidence of Democrat perpetrated election fraud in the US.


  17. To All the Frum Democrats at YWN:
    Let’s see how you will all fare under Communism because that is where this is all headed. Do you believe that they will leave the yeshivas alone? Do you think they will let you continue eating kosher food? They want us to eat bugs per Bill Gates. Our personal and religions freedoms will be taken away. Klaus Schwab says that by 2030, you will own nothing and you will be happy! That’s great to look forward to! Wake up and see what is really happening in this country. It is disintegrating before our very eyes. This is the legacy that you will leave for your children and grandchildren. I don’t understand the members of Congress either. By voting all these Democracts and leftists into power, they are setting up a Communist country, and is this the kind of world they want their children to inherit? They are so short-sighted and only infatuated with their own power. We need to daven for Moshiach because only Hashem can help us by sending Moshiach to save us. Hashem Yerachem.

  18. For all of the YWN Democrats who voted for Hochel, here is the regulation that she wants to pass. Do you really think that you and the frum world will be spared? The quarantine camps already exist. I would like to say wake up before it is too late, but it is already too late as she has been elected Governor. Hashem Yerachem.

    10 NYCRR 2.13 “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures”
    Allows the DOH to pick and choose who they want to force to isolate or quarantine, without proof that the person poses a health threat, for however long the DOH wishes to force the quarantine, and at a location that the DOH deems appropriate (which can include a quarantine “facility” or detention center).
    They do not need to prove that you are actually sick. They can just suspect that you MIGHT be harboring a communicable disease.
    There is no age restriction, so they can force you, or your child, or your elderly parent/grandparent into isolation or quarantine, for however long they want!

  19. After 5 or 6 years of Republican allegations that elections have been stolen, I have not seen one bit of credible evidence that the allegations are true. The Republicans will not win more elections until they stop making phony excuses for their losses. The core problem for Republicans is that their policies are unpopular. And just to be clear, I am happy that the Republicans are losing elections.

  20. Thee is plenty of credible evidence that the allegations are true. You just have to know where to look. Here are a sampling of a few headlines.
    BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: 1) Poll Pads Caught Adding *Hundreds* of Voters in Real Time as Poll is Being Closed
    2) How Did Maggie Hassan Get 1100 Votes in NH Town With a Population Under 700?

  21. Trump won 9 Senate seats and lost 6. Don’t let the media, including ywn, pick our candidate. I have yet to see one positive post on trump her. It’s like reading MSNBC.

  22. Huju, you haven’t seen evidence that elections were stolen because not one court is willing to even LOOK at the evidence. Why not? If so ridiculous why not show everyone how the world trump is wrong? No court wants to view possible evidence of voter fraud cuz you know what that would mean..

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