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Gafni: “There Won’t Be A Coalition Without The Override Clause”

Degel HaTorah chairman Moshe Gafni said on Motzei Shabbos that he informed the Likud negotiation team that there won’t be a coalition without the override clause.

The override clause is an amendment to one of Israel’s Basic Laws that will curb the power of the Supreme Court

Speaking at a Degel HaTorah event on Motzei Shabbos, Gafni said: “We promised during the election campaign and we’re standing by it in the coalition negotiations with the Likud. All the gezeiros of Lieberman and Bennett will be canceled immediately. The salaries of teachers and preschool teachers [in Chareidi schools] will be equal to those in the state schools, and no government will be established without the override clause.”

“It doesn’t interest me anymore what people will write about us in the media,” Gafni said, referring to the many liberties the Bennett-Lieberman government took for themselves, including the billions of shekels it gave to the Islamist Ra’am party in order to stay in power, while the media remained silent.

Gafni added: “The negotiations aren’t easy, even difficult. But everyone feels that we learned a lot from what happened in the last year and a half. We learned that we’ll do what needs to be done and it doesn’t matter if there’s an article in Ha’aretz – it’s irrelevant. No more of ‘what will they say,’ there will only be what we’ll do. We’ll do whatever it takes.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. How about charging Bennet for the renovations of his home at taxpayer expense! Call it Investigation 10,000,000 as in 10 million shekel.

  2. If I recall correctly, the Israeli Supreme Court unilaterally gave themselves enormous powers.
    It is very likely that they will simply override this clause or label .

  3. From now on, my response to anything in Israeli politics is that they’re trying (or tried) to kill you with jabs. It’s that simple. You’re involved in Israeli politics? Judenrat. It’s that simple. Nothing else to discuss. They want to join a coalition with those that tried to kill you? Some coalition. Good luck with your democracy and blood clots.

  4. I don’t know the issues well enough to know what’s right.
    But a pause is important before allowing the knesset to be able to freely overide the supreme court. Just as in the USA there’s 3 branches of government and they need to balanced so no part has too much power. So too in Israel you don’t want to emasculate the supreme court either.

  5. Long island Yid:
    The Zionist “High Court” is a loony leftist activist organization, not what a Westerner would call a court.

  6. @fakenews, if the court purports to “override” an override clause that the Knesset passes, then arrest them and throw them in prison. They have no authority to do that. As you say, the power that they have now was never given to them by anyone, they just took it and nobody said anything. They must not be allowed to do that again. What they did then amounted to a coup; doing it again would be a second coup, and they should be treated as a military junta that tried to seize power would be treated.

  7. LIY, the problem is that in Israel the judicial branch has seized all power to itself, without any limitations, and that MUST be stopped. Right now elections are irrelevant, because the judiciary, together with the deep state (the Justice Department plus the so-called “Legal Advisers” of the government and of each government department) have total control and veto power over anything the elected branches do that they don’t like. That is not tolerable, and it is literally worth starting a shooting war, if necessary, to take power back from them.

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