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WHERE’S BEN SHAPIRO? Frum Conservative’s Employee, Candace Owens, Defends Hitler Book, Still Isn’t Fired [SEE THE VIDEO]

Candace Owens, an employee of Orthodox Jewish conservative commentator Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, told her audience that they should read Adolf Hitler’s infamous book, Mein Kampf, and complained about backlash that Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving got for posting a link to an antisemitic movie.

Owens, who was hired by Shapiro in 2020, had previously defended anti-Semitic rapper Kanye West after he went on multiple rants against Jews and promoted multiple anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and tropes.

At the time, Owens vehemently defended West, insisting that what he said about going “death con 3” on Jews wasn’t anti-Semitic. Ben Shapiro criticized her for defending him, but took no action against her, because he said she was defending “a friend.” As if that’s justification for defending anti-Semitism.

In another instance, Shapiro again took no action after Owens replied to a tweet from anti-Israel instigator Max Blumenthal, writing that “When you disrupt the trauma economy and call out not-for-profits that benefit from it, you become their next target.”

In her broadcast this past Wedesday, Owens defended the movie promoted by Kyrie Irving, using its popularity as an apparent defense.

“Not only is the documentary the top documentary on Amazon, but it’s also the book – which I didn’t know they had a book – is now a bestseller on Amazon’s list,” she said.

How that justifies the contents of the film itself is unknown, and illogical at best.

She went on to talk about Mein Kampf, calling it an important educational book.

“A little reminder, if you actually go on Amazon right now, you can order and read ‘Mein Kampf.’ It is not an endorsement of Adolf Hitler to read a historical textbook. It just is not, right? And the idea that we should be censoring all this information and no one should see it because it hurts some group of people, to me, just goes not gel with our First Amendment rights,” she said.

The question is, why is Ben Shapiro still employing this hateful woman? Is it because Owens is a black woman and Shapiro would come under criticism if he fired her? Is Ben Shapiro himself hostage to the woke ideology which he constantly impugns?

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. I expect a news organization, especially with the name “Yeshiva World” – no less, to be able to differentiate between “defending Hitler’s Book” and “defending the right to sell Hitler’s book”.

    She’s no Anti-Semite. She just jumped to fast to decry the leftist ADL, not realizing that this Blumenthal guy whom she’s agreeing with is an Anti Semite. When Ben told her, she said she didn’t know. There’s simply no way she’s an anti-semite.

    ADL’d Greenblat has got to go!

  2. Because he doesn’t believe in cancel culture and is being consistent even when it’s unpopular. A welcome break from the majority of pundits who are exclusively about ratings.

  3. The only mistake Candace did is to downplay Ye’s obvious antisemitic remarks. But don’t forget, many wouldn’t publicly condemn a friend. But to accuse Irving is laughable, noone cared that Amazon offers this movie. All he did was post a link, and that caused a unnecessary theater. And Candace didn’t “promote” Hitler’s book, this book is internationally available and does have historical value, regardless of the awful content. And only because there was such a big fuss about someone’s post with an amazon link, they’re now both, the movie and Mein Kampf, bestsellers. Well done.

  4. Ben Schapiro is NO Orthodox Jew. Hes a WHITE NATIONALIST first and then he’s an affiliated Jew.
    As a conservative Republican, I hace the right to say that he’s done more harm to Jews than many non Jews. The fact that a “frum” yarmulke bearing Jew, aligns himself with such antisemites is unforgivable.
    He only brings on harm to Jews with his ridiculous stance in politics. Hes like the typical dangerous American מתנחל.
    It’s ok for him to acknowledge that he “once in a lifetime” made a huge mistake and denounce Owens and the likes.
    If you’re a Jew then stand up to the Jews!

  5. You are not allowed to say Trump is bad. You can’t say Candace Owens is an anti semite and you are never allowed to call out Ben Shapiro.

    Chutzpah. Please follow the line or we will trash you.

  6. I couldn’t agree more. He has the biggest mouth on earth. Bashes anyone and everything. All of a sudden he refuses to lable her what she is. So I’ll do it for you Ben.

    Repeat after me.


  7. Nothing anti Jewish about her remarks
    I have read mein kampf. It is an important historical work.
    Since we live in the us where there is freedom of speech you need to be consistent.
    She is someone who fights for conservative and Jewish values. She is an important ally. We should be treating her remarks with nuance.
    Reb Stoudamire gave Kylie the benefit of the doubt and this website didn’t jump all over him. And they shouldn’t have, because he was correct and nuanced.
    The mob approach is not becoming for frum yidden

  8. Remember when Trump was asked about the endorsement he got from David Duke?

    Let me remind you all what Trump said “I just don’t know anything about him.”


    Trump was again asked about Duke in a Feb. 28 interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” by anchor Jake Tapper.

    Tapper, Feb. 28: I want to ask you about the Anti-Defamation League, which this week called on you to publicly condemn unequivocally the racism of former KKK grand wizard David Duke, who recently said that voting against you at this point would be treason to your heritage. Will you unequivocally condemn David Duke and say that you don’t want his vote or that of other white supremacists in this election?

    Trump: Well, just so you understand, I don’t know anything about David Duke. OK? I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists. So, I don’t know.

  9. @Mentsch1 – “Nothing anti Jewish about her remarks”

    Yea. Like how she defended Kanye. Wow. Amazing how you have your head in the sand.

  10. ******NEWSFLASH*******





  11. G-d gave 2 ears and 1 mouth.
    Unfortunately Ben has it wrong.
    Ben is a self hating – egomaniacal
    …. I can’t say human being.
    He only likes to hear himself.
    There is no second opinion.
    He should take off his yarmulke
    And stuff it into his big arrogant mouth!!!

  12. @georgeg – Ohhhh. He has no power to hire or fire? So sorry to hear.

    Here is an idea.

    Let Shapiro just go on his podcast or Twitter account now and tell everyone that this woman is an antisemite and stop with his blatant sickening double standard. Stand up for what’s right. Enough is enough.

  13. Seemingly everybody is all of the sudden a virulent anti-Semite. Aren’t we being like the boy who cried WOLF? Not every comment is antisemitic. Candace Owen is a black woman who may have said something a lite insensitive or senseless. She did not say anything antisemitic but if we keep this up, she likely will then become antisemitic.

  14. From a political standpoint I don’t believe that cancel culture is the right thing ever to do. Today you cancel them tomorrow they will cancel you as well. It’s not the way how to deal with this since if you believe in freedom of speech then go for it all the way.

  15. What she said was equivocal enough that for the time being it is better to give her the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise you risk really turning her into an enemy of ours. And in general it’s not worth it picking fights with public figures over equivocal statements of theirs. Let sleeping dogs lie. They are a lot more powerful than us and in the end they are going to have the last word anyway

  16. I support Ben for not firing Candace in the heat of the moment. (Candace supports Kayne because he went into business with her husband…) Now supposedly she is against misinformation while defending misinformation she likes…I do believe she became an anti-Semite even though she claims she’s not, but I think Ben firing her now would be the height of stupidity. Reading the article and some comments here I see what impulsivity really means- people just can’t think logically.

    Ben Shapiro will not only not gain from firing Candace, it will make her arguments seem legit. She always supported freedom of information and she says that the left wants to suppress information. Often she is right. In this case she is advocating freedom of MISinformation, for whatever the reason may be. This is not the first time she was wrong on an issue. By firing Candace, Shapiro will “prove” to the Jew haters and the “conservatives” that Candace was right and Jews seek to suppress “information”…

    It is important to let this simmer before taking action. Ben Shapiro has made a big kiddush Hashem by speaking out against immorality and defending conservatism. Not only liberal “Jews” should be in the limelight so that they will blame us Jews for bringing this country down due to to the liberalis policies that is destroying the US. I support Ben fully, however I always said that the conservatives will stab him in the back. But I thought it will be “white conservatives” I didn’t think it will be Candace and “black conservatives”. I didn’t think of this scenerio…

    The smartest thing is for Ben is absolutely not to fire Candace at this time. It has to be with a cheshbon.

    Now, there are many blacks, and the movement keeps on getting bigger, who think they are the real Hebrews…it’s important to keep on putting the true facts out there, it’s stupid to have a knee-jerk reaction.

    Ben, kol hakovod for keeping cool. Much hatzlacha in staying strong and acting in a logical fashion.

  17. You guys run anti Israel AP articles without reading them and now there’s a person that you are reading all wrong. Please take you responsibility as a new organization more seriously and with a bit more professionalism.

  18. You are reading her all wrong. Please take you responsibility as a new organization more seriously and with a bit more professionalism.

  19. Add a matter of discourse, I think that yeshivas and Bais Yakovs should have excerpts as part of what they teach.
    It would be quite beneficial for people to understand that he was not an obvious monster and a lot of what he wrote sounded like legitimate grievances.
    We need to educate our children to not get too cozy as this absolutely can happen in our generation.

  20. I am not saying that he was not a monster, I am simply saying that it would not be impossible for someone to do the exact same thing today.

  21. I read Mein Kampf. It was an influential book, so I read it. I hope I’m not the only one in Yisroel who has done so. It helps if some are holding in their zeitgeist. I also read Zweites Buch, the lesser known sequel. Just so the ADL doesn’t get on my case, I maintain that my activities are lashem shomayim, unlike the ADL’s, which are totally counterproductive. No joke, the ADL risks instigating more anti-semitism than they dispel nowadays.

  22. She’s not threatening anyone. Conservatives believe in free speech. This isn’t complicated.

    You can argue your version of “Torah values” or not, but this isn’t complicated for the political analysis.

  23. “In the pages of Mein Kampf Hitler presented the world with his dark vision for the future. Years would pass before he attained the power to realize that vision, but Mein Kampf’s existence denies the free world the excuse of ignorance. We dismissed him as a madman and we ignored his wretched book; the result was a tragedy of unprecedented proportions. This is yet another lesson to take from Mein Kampf: the lesson of vigilance and responsibility, of not closing our eyes to the evil around us.”—From the introduction by Abraham Foxman

  24. YWN should keep its ignorant and uneducated opinions to themselves. Like a commenter mentioned above, you guys don’t even proof-read the articles you copy paste from.

  25. She’s right. Perhaps liberal Jews damaging America AND Israel should read Mein Kamf, they’d benefit from it. She’s not antisemitic, and neither is Ben Shapiro, the ONLY normal public figure Jew on the internet that a cat worshipped nihilist with blue hair and a rainbow flag.

  26. Somehow, I don’t think everybody would be blowing their top if instead of this article was about Black people, or Asians, or some other race… she did not say anything anti-Semitic, but she promoted information that will likely cause antisemitism, but that is the cost of the first amendment ( which is not aligned with our Torah obviously ) and no country is perfect. I think that it’s this or having a situation like Iran, where if you speak out and get your head chopped off, which works pretty good as well.

  27. Slow down. First off reading Mein Kampf isn’t an automatic no-no. When history presented us with an evil incarnate, some might argue there is benefit to studying what he wrote. Where did he gain his following? What tactics did he use? Blatantly dismissing the writings of Hitler is so counter productive to real education. The Kanye and Kyrie spectacle is nothing but that. These ppl were allowed to be called out, while other anti semites are protected. Ask urself y. In terms of Ben Shapiro, perhaps he is more aware of a greater problem. The Jewish stereotype and why it is a real concern right now. THe NWO is a global agenda that is spreading its evil tyranny in ways most ppl can’t even fathom, and guess what?!? Many key players are Jews. Some will say talking about the NWO is anti Semitic bec it puts Jews in a bad light. That is nonsense. Reading Mein Kampf and understanding the NWO is similar in the sense that even though truth is ugly- it is stroll important to face. If Orthodox Jews would realize how the badly the Jews will b painted when thing start to go south, we may be more inclined to separate ourselves clearly from the progressive left so that there is a distinction between religious Jews and Jews who are truly doing bad things.

  28. Miriam: Shapiro calls himself Orthodox. He belongs to an Orthodox shul and observes Jewish law. My problem with him has to do with his hiring of Andrew Klavan, a Jew who became a “Jew for J” years ago. Personally, I would not go into business with let alone hire an apostate.

  29. Ari K:
    I think of Ben Shapiro as sitting in a lion’s den, but the lions have been supposedly domesticated. His partner and top employees are all very religious Christians, and 1 apostate Jew. The thing holding them together, aside from making money, is the culture war against the left.

  30. Candace Owens is a wreck to any Jew, first she gets tossed from Twitter for describing Jews like dogs who lift their legs at fire hydrants…..then this
    Blackness marries into White and cuddles up to Trump…she is one thorn in his hip…may she rot……Hitler and his words should never be in print…nor should Candace Owens either……it is shameful as a jew 217 years before the 6000 mark and Olim Hava….no, this piece of dreck is just that

  31. Candace Owens 2018
    Posted byu/[deleted]4 years ago
    Jewish people are bullshit… like dogs pissing on fire hydrants. #cancelJewishpeople. Are Jewish people genetically disposed to burn faster in the sun? The above statements are from @nytimes editor @sarahjeong. I simply swapped out the word “white” for “Jewish”.
    tw_____May this woman ROT…..she also dug into the pits and married a white man…..Trump liking her is my only question against Mr. Trump…other than this Trump is the most courageous of all…..Ben Shapiro….well, thank you for bring this piece of Trash to the Forefront

  32. from Candace Owens

    Posted byu/[deleted]4 years ago
    Jewish people are bullshit… like dogs pissing on fire hydrants. #cancelJewishpeople. Are Jewish people genetically disposed to burn faster in the sun? The above statements are from @nytimes editor @sarahjeong. I simply swapped out the word “white” for “Jewish”.

  33. Ari Knobler: Andrew Klavan is a תינוק שנשבה בין האומות. It’s tragic, because he has such potential. We all have to do our utmost to reach our fellow Jews who weren’t raised with Torah and mitzvos and teach, inspire, and bring them to observance.

  34. > Ari Knobler

    To repeat myself, Ben Shapiro is a co-founder with a minority share, BUT he is not an officer of the company and has no power to hire or fire.

  35. Candace is not an anti semite, only those who never listen or watched her shows, and only listen to the media think she is anti semite.

  36. Let’s focus on the issue at hand and not personal attacks or questions of frumkeight.

    There are valid reasons for people to buy, read and study Mein Kampf. For example, academics or students learning about the rise of authoritarianism and anti-semitism, this is an important text.

    Candice Owen’s husband owned Parler – which was just sold to (Kan)Ye. Keep the context in mind when judging her actions.

  37. Not to mention that she apologized/explained herself. She is in no way a Jew hater. Everyone taking things out of context these days.

  38. Apologies never accepted on this Topic. She is a social misfit and climber. Married WHITE. No question BEN SHAPIRO is a Jew not much different than Sacks Their voice is correct. It is not. Jews needing gentiles is a major problem. Whom is receiving which message.

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