Matt Platkin Sworn In as New Jersey’s First-Ever Jewish Attorney General


Many elected officials, dignitaries, and community leaders were in Trenton on Monday afternoon to witness the swearing-in of Attorney General Matt Platkin, the first-ever Jewish individual to hold the state’s top law enforcement post.

Among the attendees were New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and his wife Tammy, New Jersey State Police Chaplain Rabbi Abe Friedman, and many others.

Platkin had been serving as the acting attorney general for New Jersey since early this year following the departure of Gurbir Grewal to join the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Platkin was confirmed as the attorney general by the New Jersey Senate on September 29th following a series of hearings and votes.

Platkin has been hailed as a fierce defender of religious rights, and has already stood up multiple times to defend Jewish communities in New Jersey, most recently when an 18-year-old threatened to attack a shul in the state, prompting an FBI warning.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. if this man is not a shabbos keeper than he is not one bit different than anyone else…..stop thinking Jews are what we want leading…we want jews leading our world of Torah…nothing else… to this filth in America…keep it out of Israel

  2. Lastword, it’s an even bigger problem swearing on the Necronomicon, or on a book imported from another galaxy, far far away. But why would it ever occur to anyone that it might be that? So why did it occur to you that it might be an NT? Of all the books in the world, how did that come into your mind?

  3. @TheLastWord – For a frum jew to refer to the xtian bible as the NT is scandalous at best and heretical at worst. There is no NT or OT, there is only the T(orah) given at Har Sinai.