TRAGEDY IN MONSEY: Frum Woman Found Deceased on Carlton Road in Apparent Hit-and-Run


A frum woman, Mrs. Miriam Sussman, was tragically found deceased on Carlton Road in Monsey after she had gone missing hours earlier. She was just 52.

Sources tell The Monsey Scoop that Mrs. Sussman a”h went missing at about 4:45 pm on Sunday. Rockland Chaveirim was made aware of the situation close to midnight and began searching local wedding halls, but were unable to find her. Members then commenced a block-by-block search for the missing wife, mother, and grandmother, with a Rockland Chaveirim member eventually finding her at approximately 1 am Monday morning.

Mrs. Sussman a”h had attended a pidyon haben on Carlton Road, leaving the simcha at 4:45 pm and beginning to walk home. She is believed to have been tragically struck by a passing vehicle barely a minute after beginning her trek home.

Rockland Hatzolah responded to the scene, but there was sadly nothing they could do. It appears that Mrs. Sussman a”h had been struck by a vehicle.

Ramapo Police are currently at the scene conducting an investigation and Chaveirim is poring through surveillance footage to assist police in determining how the tragedy occurred.

Misaskim and Chesed Shel Emes were at the scene to ensure kavod hameis.

The levaya is scheduled to take place at 1 pm at the Tomloch Shul, 68 Carlton Road in Monsey.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)



  1. Bde!! She was a lovely and caring lady! I knew her personally and was always a pleasure to talk to her and hear what she has to say. We are going to miss you! Have us in mind in heaven for hatzlocha and health!! We don’t understand WHY Hashem does but we understand WHAT Hashem does. Keep the Faith!! Thank you Hashem for all you do!

  2. OK, I feel that this needs to be said. Although we do not know for sure exactly what happened (yet),
    I can tell you this: I drive on this road every single day. The road is narrow and winding. There is not a single place where passing cars is legal, as there are double yellow lines all the way. Every day is a near miss with accidents, as both cars and school buses are going over the lines and speeding. Also, if you are on the Monsey Scoop whatsapp group, all you see is accidents and more accidents. So, I would like to ask ALL monsey people, those of you who are old timers, and those of you who are more recent. Please drive more carefully. STOP TEXTING (You know who you are). STOP HOLDING YOUR PHONE; the majority of you have newer cars that have bluetooth, its not that hard to use. (You know who you are). Most of all. be considerate and follow the traffic rules. DO not pass on double lines, If you are not handicapped (even though a relative may be, who is not in the car with you), DO NOT PARK IN A HANDICAPPED SPOT (then again, in that case, you are just mentally handicapped). Stop signs and red lights and no left turn signs are not suggestions. Oh, and the center lane on route 59 is for emergency vehicles and for turning, not for idiots who cant wait for the light like everyone else.
    to the newer residents, leave your horrible driving habits in Brooklyn (again, you know who you are).

  3. please correct this story – chaverim determined that it was NOT a hit and run. Witnesses saw the driver search the area to find what he had hit for 20 minutes before giving up.

  4. @AviraDeArah, did the driver check his bumper for any marks or blood? If he killed someone, there would certainly be marks. In that case, he could pulled into the bais torah parking lot and called the police.
    Something does not add up.

  5. One aspect of this tragedy is chillingly similar to what happened to Sari and Ari Horowitz, a’h, 10 years ago when walking home from Young Israel of East Brunswick. Sari Horowitz was thrown a distance from the impact and it took searchers a while to find her body.