NOMINATIONS ARE IN: Top Three Finalists to Become Antisemite of the Year Unveiled


The finalists to be named Antisemite of the Year 2022 have been unveiled by StopAntisemitism, with disgraced rapper Kanye West a strong frontrunner for the ignominious title.

West, who legally changed his name to “Ye,” has spewed a slew of antisemitic rants and tropes in the last month, including a tweet threatening to go “Death Con 3” on Jews. Numerous brands have since cut ties with the rapper, cutting his wealth by an estimated $1 billion.

Another finalist is Mohamed Hadid, who along with his supermodel daughters Bella and Gigi have blamed Israel for Palestinians’ struggles, including by using the infamous and murderous rally cry, “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” – a call for the complete annihilation of Israel and the Jews that reside in it.

Hadid has also blamed his personal financial problems on Jews and spreads antisemitic tropes in his influential circles, even comparing Zionist Jews to Hitler.

The third and no less repulsive finalist is Jon Minadeo, the chief of the white supremacist Goyim Defense League. Minadeo’s group recently hung a sign over the 405 freeway in Los Angeles that read “Kanye is right about the Jews.” The GDL is notorious for its flyers campaigns, as well as for blaming Jews for 9/11, gun control, and pretty much all of the United States’ troubles.

“Though these three men promote antisemitism from three different directions, they are equally dangerous,” said StopAntisemitism Executive Director Liora Rez. “Together, they have all been a catastrophe for the well-being Jewish people in the United States in 2022. There are no Jewish safe spaces. The current state of Jew hatred is running rampant with no end in sight.”

Voting for Antisemite of the Year is open through December 9th on the website. Voters will also be entered into a raffle to win one of five $360 gift cards.

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  1. What place did Jonathan Greenblatt come in?

    The ADL sought to defund and remove the tax exemptions from three pro-Israel organizations, including prominent Christian Zionist group Proclaiming Justice to the Nations.
    The ADL hired an outreach director who justified anti-Israel terrorism; said Jews need to “repent for Gaza’s dead”; and, after black extremists murdered innocent Jews in Jersey City, blamed black anti-Semitism on “Jewish landlords and pawnbrokers and small merchants,” as well as “systemic racism” against blacks.
    The ADL condemned U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the U.S. State Department’s appropriate plans to label three organizations that libel Israel—Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Oxfam—as anti-Semitic.
    ADL’s Black History Month celebration featured an Israel-hating BDS activist.
    The ADL’s report on terror attacks during the years 2002-2018 undercounted Islamist migrants’ terror attacks. It also omitted Islamist terrorist murders of Jews at the Los Angeles El Al counter and Seattle Jewish Federation, claiming that these murders were not Islamist terrorism. It ignored Islamist terror allegedly unconnected to specific terrorist organizations. In addition, it limited the period examined in order to omit the 9/11 attacks. The ADL then misleadingly claimed that the number of plots “motivated by right-wing extremism” exceeded plots motivated by Islamist extremism.
    After Rep. Ilhan Omar D-Minn.) tweeted, “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel” and gave an insulting non-apology, claiming she was reacting to Israeli “oppression,” Greenblatt praised Omar, saying, “Hats off to Rep. Omar for her honest apology and commitment to a more just world.”
    The ADL’s spokesperson stated in 2021, “Anti-Israel activism in and of itself is not anti-Semitism” and “a BDS resolution alone would not count as anti-Semitism,” but “might” be anti-Semitism if Jewish students were excluded from a debate on the resolution.
    During his 2016 speech to the left-wing lobby J Street, Greenblatt called BLM, refugee and LGBT rights “the struggles of our time.” Greenblatt ignored BLM’s rampant anti-Israel libels and BDS promotion. At the moment, Jews are being slaughtered, attacked, boycotted and defamed the world over. Thus, the real struggle of our time for the ADL should be to see to it that Jewish lives matter.
    Greenblatt’s J Street speech falsely accused fellow Jews of “exhibit[ing] Islamophobia,” denying “marginalized Palestinians” their rights and failing to recognize the legitimacy of the “Palestinian narrative,” which is a lie that denies Jewish history and Israel’s right to exist. He also wrongly blamed both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the Palestinian Authority’s refusal to make peace.
    The ADL and Greenblatt falsely condemn as “anti-Semitic” people who criticize George Soros’s extremist activities, including sending millions of dollars to anti-Israel NGOs, as well as Soros’s admission on “60 Minutes” that he feels no guilt about helping his godfather confiscate Jewish property. Notably, Greenblatt previously worked for the Soros-funded Aspen Institute.
    The ADL’s 2021 “Never Is Now” conference featured speakers hostile to Israel. In the past, these speakers had falsely accused Israel of perpetrating “ethnic cleansing” and “daily” human rights violations. They called for U.S. President Joe Biden to use “sticks” against Israeli “settlements.” They also outrageously downplayed the PFLP terrorist organization’s brutal meat-cleaver massacre of five innocent Jewish worshipers and a security guard at a Jerusalem synagogue; claiming it was a “lone wolf attack by two cousins.”
    In May 2021, while Hamas launched 4,369 rockets at Israel and Israeli Arabs attacked their Jewish neighbors and burnt and looted Jewish homes, synagogues and cars, ADL issued a statement that wrongly cast blame on Israelis by accusing “extremists, including far-right Jewish nationalists” of “exacerbating tensions.”
    The ADL defended the Soros-funded Tides Foundation and its former chairman. Tides openly supports and funds leading anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and BDS groups, including the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC), Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), Code Pink, Bend the Arc, Adalah Justice Project, Solidaire Network, IfNotNow, J Street and more.
    The ADL has opposed anti-BDS laws, even though such laws are highly effective at combatting the anti-Semitic movement. The ADL actively lobbied against a federal anti-BDS law and state anti-BDS laws in Maryland, South Carolina, Illinois and New York. ZOA’s legal experts and others have demonstrated that anti-BDS laws are legal and condemned the ADL’s opposition. The ADL’s current BDS position statements say nothing about anti-BDS laws.
    The ADL opposed an Israeli law that bans BDS activists from entering the country, which was upheld by Israel’s courts. Furthermore, in 2018, the ADL said that Israel should allow anti-Semitic boycott activist, terror supporter and president of the hate group Students for Justice in Palestine Lara Alqasem to enter Israel.
    In a letter to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the ADL and Greenblatt falsely accused pro-Israel Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (and associated pro-Israel groups) of Islamophobia, in an attempt to block Pompeo’s confirmation. ZOA wrote to the Senate committee countering the ADL’s false “Islamophobia” claims.
    In September 2020, the ADL co-signed a full-page New York Times advertisement promoting BLM. The ADL signed the ad just four months after BLM burned, defaced and looted Los Angeles Jewish synagogues, schools and businesses. BLM also falsely accused Israel of genocide, ethnic cleansing and training U.S. police to murder blacks, among other slanders.
    The ADL repeatedly co-signed joint letters with extreme Israel-hating groups, including 29 joint letters (opposing events sponsored by a pro-Israel group) co-signed with the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), which called Israelis “the worst terrorists in the world,” defends Hezbollah and said Israel should not exist and ought to be suspected of perpetrating 9/11. Co-singers also included four JVP groups; CAIR; the Islamic Society of North America, named an unindicted co-conspirator in funneling money to Hamas; the Iranian regime proxy the National Iranian American Council (NIAC); Bend the Arc; and BDS promoters the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and Presbyterian Church USA.
    Greenblatt attacked former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for calling out the Palestinian Authority’s advocacy of the ethnic cleansing of Jews.
    The ADL focuses on white supremacy while often ignoring and downplaying Islamist and black supremacist terrorism. The ADL’s 2019 “Antisemitism Summit” announcement stated it would focus on “extremism, white supremacy, cyber hate, campus activism and free speech,” but did not mention Islamic anti-Semitism. It did not do so despite imams in certain U.S. mosques calling for killing Jews; Islamist attacks targeting Jews, including outside a U.S. synagogue; Muslim plots to blow up American synagogues; and more.
    Greenblatt praised anti-Semitic former congressman Keith Ellison as an “important ally in the fight against anti-Semitism” and “on record in support of Israel” when Ellison ran for Democratic National Committee chair. It did so despite Ellison’s long record of Israel-bashing; anti-Semitism; attempting to insert anti-Israel planks and remove pro-Israel planks from the Democratic Party platform; blaming a non-existent Israeli “occupation” for inadequate electricity in Gaza, which is actually due to Hamas’s diversion of electricity to terror tunnels and operations; voting against Iron Dome funding; speaking at and receiving contributions and travel funds from Muslim Brotherhood affiliates; and a decade as spokesperson for Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

  2. The ADL has a great history fighting hate. However Greenblatt is politicizing it at times, such as denouncing a great informtive anti-hate site .

    In any case, IMHO Mohamef Hadid is more dangerous, because his daughters follow his racist hate and not their non Muslim mother’s…