Lapid: “Bibi Sold The IDF To The Chardalim:” Left Fumes After Full Deal With Smotrich Is Revealed

Coalition negotiations. (PR)

The left is fuming after the full coalition agreement signed last week between the Likud and the Religious Zionist party was revealed on Monday morning by Channel 12 News.

The deal grants extensive power to the party over appointments of key bodies that control Israel’s governance over Yehudah and Shomron.

A member of the party will serve as a minister in the Defense Ministry and will have authority over the appointments of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories [COGAT] and the head of the Civil Administration. COGAT acts as Israel’s military liaison to the Palestinians and the Civil Administration oversees and administers civilian life, including the authorization of construction, in Israel’s Area C, where all Jewish settlements in Yehudah and Shomron are located, as well as hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages.

This is the first time that these powers will not be in the hands of the Defense Minister. The agreement also states that the appointment will be approved in coordination with the Prime Minister. In addition, Israel’s Basic Laws will be amended so that the “minister in the ministry” becomes a permanent fixture of the government.

Yair Lapid quickly responded to the report by excoriating Prime Minister-elect Binyamin Netanyahu as “selling the IDF to the Chardalim [Chareidim Dati-Leumi].”

“According to the agreement between the Likud and Religious Zionism, Smotrich will appoint the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories and the head of the Civil Administration, which until now have been appointed by the IDF Chief of Staff,” Lapid wrote. “Netanyahu sold the IDF to the Chardalim.”

“If COGAT and the head of the Civil Administration are expropriated from the Defense Minister, this is dangerous political interference in Israel’s security and the IDF’s ability to operate. Such a decision would make Yoav Galant the most impotent defense minister in the country’s history even before he enters office. No political party can appoint a major general and a lieutenant colonel in the IDF. This is a dangerous politicization of the army.”

The agreement also includes a clause that the State’s responses to the Supreme Court on settlement matters will only be issued with Smotrich’s approval and that Smotrich will be the sole stand-in chairman of the Ministerial Committee for Settlement Affairs, a position that will be filled by the Prime Minister.

The agreement also outlines that Smotrich will serve as Finance Minister in a rotational agreement [with Shas chairman Aryeh Deri] and then as Interior Minister. In addition, a member of the party will also receive the Health Ministry or another ministry, as well as the Immigration and Absorption Ministry. MK Orit Strook will serve as head of the “Settlements Ministry,” which will be called the National Missions Ministry.

The Jewish Culture Division will be transferred from the Education Ministry to Strook’s  National Missions Ministry. All members of the State-Religious Educational Council, except for two appointed by the Education Ministry, will be appointed in agreement with Smotrich.

Also, the department of Jewish identity will be transferred from the Religious Services Ministry to the National Missions Ministry and will have influence over the national giyur system.

It was also agreed that Smotrich will serve as a member of every government forum, including the cabinet, throughout the government’s entire term. If the number of cabinet members exceeds 11 members, the party will receive an additional cabinet member for the entire term.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. good news, Lapid, you would have sold Israel to China Arabs or anyone who would allow you power…sad, I hear the son of this criminal is a charedim….nice

  2. The more that the left fumes, the more that we אוהבי השם ושומרי מצוות laugh & rejoice; Just like in November 2016 the more the liberals were crying uncontrollably on election nite, the more we were rejoicing & exuberant

  3. “Chareidim” have nothing to do with this. It just sounds better to the left to cry about…
    We’re are historically the by-standing punching bag.

  4. Lapid must be tried for sadation for inciting the army to disobey orders.

    This Thug son of Thug who promoted antisemitism in 80’s and famously went around and destroyed mezozos and Shul in Yerushalim and who’s wife and family members is been found believe in Yashka was the PM of Israel. ?
    This Thug didn’t a mandate he was so evil because He gave Billions to Arabs and gas rights to Hizbollah government in Lebanon.

    He must be tried for sadation with Liberman.
    Where is the justice when it come to rightfully elected government,?

    Biden and US ambassador or US reform movement are sitting in kenneset and were elected?

  5. lapid- threatens Civil Disobedience of the worst sort
    He should be marked as a Traitor
    There is only One crucial subject from now on and as usual the ENEMY are on it there already way before : L G B T
    If Avi Maoz is marginalized ,UTJ and Smotrich should walk out of the coalition promptly

    A concerted subversive effort.
    First, Gantz attacked Noam on a red herring.
    Bibi with Bari Weiss.
    Now this

  6. remember – Tofastah merubah lo tofastah. if actions match the current rhetoric, Likud will boot Netanyahu or be reduced to insignificance by Israeli voters in the next election. Netanyahu is no fool; he will not give the ultra-right or Haredim what he promised