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INCREDIBLE: Executive Producer Puts on Tefillin After “Awkward Bochur” Barges In [SEE THE VIDEO]

A humorous Twitter exchange between an executive producer for Entrepreneur Magazine and a frum humorist/satirist led to the former putting on tefillin with the help of a Chabad shliach in Los Angeles.

“Awkward Bochur,” a Lakewood kid who is actually an awkward yungerman, often takes to Twitter to spout off on all things related to the Jewish world – David Bashevkin in particular. In his spare time, he proffers timeless advice from his Rabbi Greenspan’s Moisid podcast and moonlights as various personalities, including famed rapper Young Rechnitz. He has also previously accused the YWN editors of routinely sticking their fingers in electric sockets, a claim which can neither be confirmed nor denied.

Regardless, Awkward Bochur often replies to the tweets of well-known personalities. On Monday, Entrepreneur Executive Producer Darren Marble fired off an innocuous tweet: “If you can’t or won’t raise capital, you shouldn’t be CEO.”

To that, Awkward Bochur replied, “You sound like a rosh yeshiva giving advice to yungerlite about opening a yeshiva.”

Marble replied, “It’s sage advice,” to which A.B. responded, “haha, how you know about rosh yeshivas and yungerlite.”

Marble then explained that he’s Jewish but wasn’t raised religious and his kids attend a Jewish temple, to which A.B. said that he would send Yossi Farro, a Chabad shliach and media personality, to put tefillin on him.

“I’m in,” Marble replied.

And so, it happened. That day, Farro placed tefillin on Darren Marble. And now that Awkward Bochur accomplished this incredible feat, he has finally achieved another of his lifelong dreams – being featured on Yeshiva World News. Lose our number.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

14 Responses

  1. What’s funny is that “awkward bochur” is not actually a bochur, but a yungerman with a famous comedy personality on social media – and yossi farro is not actually a “Chabad Shliach media personality” but an 18 year old Yeshiva bochur learning in YOEC (yeshivas or elchonon chabad)

  2. I know what “kiddush” is, ans I know what “Lubavitch” is, but what is a “kiddush Lubavitch”?

    Do these two words go together?

    Like, is there such a thing as a “kiddush Bais Medrash Gavoha” or “kiddush Belz”?

    Is this some new-age expression?!

    I admire Chabad. They do great things for klal Yisroel. They have amongst them some amazing people – from Torah sages to popular singers of Jewish music, and everything in between. But what’s with this neely invented expression? Is it found in their seforim?

  3. These Chabad are so much more productive & gainful & beneficial to mankind & to the human race than those other savages in the article earlier today srewdrivering bus tires & blocking Holy ירושלים streets

  4. Wonderful video. However, I am surprised that the Lubavitcher, Yossi Farro, incorrectly said the first beracha. He said v’tzivanu AL l’hani’ach tefillin. There is no AL in the beracha. He probably was so enamored of the occasion that he forgot.

  5. Interesting…… why do I feel that this whole comment thing is all about corny “lutvaks” 🧑 fighting with each other?!?
    רבותי!! ווי זענען די חסידים?!

  6. Well done Darren!!
    Keep it up!!
    Buy yourself a pair!
    [BTW, if you need help with financing the purchase I’m here to help! – You can contact me via YWN.]

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