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President Peres: I Wouldn’t Go With Criminal Sanctions Against Chareidim

peresPresident Shimon Peres on Monday morning, 24 Adar I 5774 commented on the Shaked Committee’s decision to go with criminal sanctions against chareidim failing to comply with the draft law.

The president was meeting with students from Bar Ilan University, opting to address the matter of the inclusion of criminal sanctions in the new draft law. The president stated “Not everyone has to serve in the IDF, for it is possible to serve in other areas as well. The obligation to serve must fall on everyone, but the methods in which this is accomplished can differ”.

Mr. Peres stated he would not classify the matter of the induction of chareidim as a criminal matter.

“I am a big believer in dialogue, the need for dialogue is critical and I would not have included criminal sanctions for I believe you can talk to make the will happen.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. One needs to understand the Peres, who is retiring shortly, holds a job based on the King/Queen in countries such as Britain, Canada or Australia — minus the moral authority that comes from being the only truely apolitical person in the country.

  2. I wouldn’t call Peres apolitical, perhaps the Presidency of Israel is yet him as an individual has never appeared apolitical.

  3. Shimon Peres allong with Zalman Shazar were among the early supporters of the exemption/defferal of Bnei Hayashivos, both were later elected President.

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