WATCH THIS: Sen. Ron Johnson Gets Into Fight with NBC’s Chuck Todd Over Hunter Biden, Jared Kushner


Senator Ron Johnson and NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd got into a very heated back-and-forth on Sunday, with the two sparring over alleged wrongdoing by Hunter Biden and Jared Kushner.

“Senator, do you have a crime that you think Hunter Biden committed?” Todd asked. “Because I’ve yet to see anybody explain. It is not a crime to make money off of your last name.”

“Chuck, you ought to read the Marco Polo report, where they detail all kinds of potential crimes,” Johnson replied, referring to a massive, 634-page report on Hunter Biden from a conservative group that calls itself Marco Polo.

“Let me stop you there,” Todd said. “Potential is innuendo. That’s why you do investigation!”

The pair continued fighting, with Todd asking why Johnson isn’t concerned about Jared Kushner, who received a billion-dollar loan from Qatar while serving as a top advisor in the White House.

“It seems to me if you’re concerned about what Hunter Biden did, you should be equally outraged about what Jared Kushner did,” Todd said.

“I’m concerned about getting to the truth,” Johnson said. “I don’t target individuals.”

Johnson and Todd continued fighting, with the interview ending with the NBC host telling the senator to go back on your partisan cable cocoon and talk about media bias all you want!”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)



  1. have been talking about Hunter Biden for years, going back, I think, to the Trump administratiion. Would they please get on with their investigation of him ASAP. If the truth is that he or Joe has done crooked things, I would like to know that. And please, understand, I am a registered Democrat. :Republicans