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Why Did Yair Lapid Hold A Secret Meeting In Tel Aviv?

Opposition leader Yair Lapid on Sunday evening held an unannounced meeting with Arnon Bar-David, the chairman of the Histadrut union, at Lapid’s home in Ramat Aviv, Channel 13 News reported.

Bar-David came to the meeting at the request of Lapid, who is trying to recruit the Histadrut in his battle against the new government’s plans to legislate judicial reforms by threatening a general labor strike.

If Lapid succeeds in his plan, it would be a significant achievement since the threat of a shutdown of the economy would be a source of much pressure on the government.

However, according to the report, Bar-David is unlikely to respond positively to Lapid’s request, and at this stage, he’s not even willing to approve a limited strike of prosecutors protesting against the reforms.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Of course, if the Hisdatrut does go on strike, it has nothing to do with politics. Only to fight unfair price increase, which didn’t occur at all under Lapid/Bennett.

  2. A PEACEFUL labor strike is totally legal if the workers believe the new government’s policies threaten their economic and political interests. I suspect that there are legal constraints against labor actions in certain sectors affecting emergency services and national security but otherwise, its a basic form of political expression. However, the Histadrut has never been especially good at mobilizing its member into a sustained labor action.

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