SHOCKING VIDEO: 4-Yr.-Old Nearly Run Over By Egged Bus In Jerusalem


A 4-year-old girl was almost killed on Monday when she rode a scooter straight into a bus on Rechov Eli Hakohen in Jerusalem.

Hatzalah paramedics who arrived at the scene administered emergency medical aid and evacuated her to Shaarei Tzedek Hospital with a head injury.

Hershey Loker, a Hatzalah paramedic, said: “When I arrived at the scene, I found a pedestrian, a 5-year-old girl lying on the road with a severe head injury after being hit by a bus. With the help of paramedics and other medics from MDA and Hatzalah, we administered initial medical aid. After that, MDA’s team evacuated her to the trauma room at Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem.”

Bichasdei Hashem the child was not killed.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. While no parent can claim to have been perfect the parent is negligent. We do not know if this was the mother or a passerby that jumped in after the incident.
    My words might get me flamed but, Please take care of your kids and do not have more than you can handle or get help.

  2. The lady looks like an innocent passerby. The girl comes straight out of the store where her mother is probably shopping, and into the street. Probably 20 seconds later we would see the mother running out of the store.

  3. Why was someone davka recording a video of that exact location even before it happened? So weird.
    This is why I never let my kids use scooters or bimbas in the street. Only in an enclosed yard or porch.
    Be’ezras Hashem the kid should have a refua shleima b’karov

  4. @e.tova that looks like a security camera recording. They are usually recording constantly in a loop recording over and over the memory and once an incident happen you can mark it to have it saved apart so it doesn’t get deleted with new footage. I can’t blame the parents. I myself did something similar when I was about the girls she and ran on the street and almost got hit by the moving car. I ended under itbut wasn’t injured. My parents told me time and again not to run on the street chasing a ball. My own children sometimes have ran out of my sight in a split second (one to go to a store bathroom, and the other one was hiding from me playing, needless to say I was in panic to say the least). If you have children you know it isn’t fair to blame the parent for this.

  5. I love how people always say “where was the mother”?
    That’s ridiculous because the entire thing took 3 seconds. Meaning, this sort of thing can happen to a parent with even ONE child, as long as the parent isnt holding the childs hand the ENTIRE TIME. And wouldnt we call that stifling?
    Yes, The eitza is to perhaps not allow a small kid to ride such a scooter. But that becomes a much different conversation than peoples “knee-jerk”, “where is the mother”, ridiculous reaction.

  6. The woman was a passerby, not the mother. The girl was NOT hit by the bus which had almost completely passed her by at the time she rode into the street.

  7. The headline is very unfair and unjust! How was the bus driver supposed to see this kid? Even a car driver wouldn’t be able to stop so short. Yes. Kids have to be watched all the time.