HATE WITHOUT LIMITS: Leftist Desecrates Kever Of Netanyahu’s Father


Family members of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu who visited the kever of their father, historian Bentzion Netanyahu, z’l, at Har Hamenuchot on Friday were shocked to discover a hate letter on the kever.

The letter, which contained inflammatory rhetoric against Netanyahu, stated, among other things: “Your son seems demented and weak. In his weakness, he allows a group of racists, fascists, and serial criminals to drag the country into an isolated dictatorship in the worst-case scenario.”

“We will no longer be a free people in our country,” the letter continued. “History will judge accordingly.”.

Family members said they plan on filing a complaint with the police.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Oh, please. Putting a letter on a grave does not desecrate it. The letter was polite and respectful to the deceased, informing him of what a disgrace his son is, in the writer’s opinion. The writer obviously felt that he ought to know, so she wrote to tell him. We Jews believe that the nefesh remains at the grave and is aware of what visitors tell it, and we regularly go to graves to inform the deceased of what is happening in the world of the living, especially in the family.

  2. Obviously, a chosid of esteemed Prof. Netaniyahu leaving a kvitel.

    Be on lookout for someone in a shtreimel with a book about Abrabanel in his talles bag.

    In all seriousness, this is disgusting and sad that am hofshi are not able to accept results of democratic election, five of them, in fact.

  3. Milhouse…..we will write you a letter…perhaps….it is sinful and shameful to go out of your way to harm another….this just didn’t harm the family of our beloved PM but it harms each and every one of us as well……I would be thrilled if every faggot or gay animal left this country and took their colorful t shirts with them….they are all filth and this isn’t Sodom

  4. Milhouse you such a am haaretz probably also belonging to this Lapid leftist clan.You should study a bid mor halachot. And 2nd There was a democratic vote and thats it. Forget the left and the chiloni Lapid and the pig eater Lieberman

  5. Amazing how leftist liberals are so called tolerant and demand tolerance from others
    Tolerance for homosexuals
    Tolerance of freedom of religion and secularism
    Tolerance is their so called modus operandi
    How come they have no tolerance for a democratic elected government
    Hypocrites or hedonism
    Whatever it’s hateful what they stand for

  6. Desecration would be like digging up the bones to do something horrible to them, not a letter. It’s not too late. What worries me is that Bentzi lived 102 years. That means we probably have another few more decades of Bibi.

  7. Sara Rifka: We all wish the same for you. Perhaps take your hateful and vile rhetoric and move to Hungary or Russia where you will fit right in.

  8. We understand that opinions on certain issues can be divisive and that the use of certain language can be perceived as inflammatory. people can have different perspectives and interpretations of the same situation, and it’s okay to disagree but we should always strive to have a respectful dialogue. To those who commented about people who identify as gay You are correct that everyone is created in the image of God, regardless of their religious beliefs or sexual orientation. It is important to remember that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. People do not choose to be gay and it is not a contagious thing. It’s not a matter of lifestyle choice. It’s part of their identity that god created and they deserve to be accepted and loved for who they are.
    people may feel uncomfortable or challenged by things that are different from what they are used to, but it’s important to remember that this is an opportunity to grow and learn, to rise above any discomfort and to treat others with compassion and empathy

  9. Yhart
    Agreed we should only hate what they do NOT them
    Anyone who is not gay can only sympathise not empathise with homosexuality
    For those who have the propensity to steal or even be bloodthirsty if they actually follow through we don’t sympathise with them for the crime

    They receive a criminal record and jail time
    Don’t think a Beth Din would even take it into consideration in sentencing

    Gay parades in Israel are offensive
    to many
    however we can respect the participants on an individual basis

    When it is institutionalised it should not be tolerated at all and hate is acceptable me thinks