WATCH: Dramatic Video: Extremists Enter Cell Phone Store, Spray Pepper Gas, Spill Skunk Spray


Two Chareidi extremists on Tuesday evening attacked a cell phone salesman and customer at a cell phone store on Rechov Shmuel Hanavi near the Bar Ilan intersection in Jerusalem.

The two masked men entered the store during a quiet moment, with only one customer and salesman in the store. They caught the two men by surprise, with one extremist mercilessly spraying pepper spray at them at close range and the other extremist spilling skunk spray on the floor of the small store.

In video footage from the store’s security cameras, the salesman, who apparently had pepper spray of his own, is seen spraying back at one of the assailants before running out of the store.

MDA paramedics who were called to the scene by passersby administered medical aid to the salesman, who was lightly injured from the pepper spray.

At the same time, police forces arrived at the scene and began searching for the suspects. As of Wednesday afternoon, they have yet to locate the suspects.

The attack was apparently part of an ongoing battle by extremists against cell phone stores in Chareidi areas that lack a “hechsher” of their liking.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The ikar is, both of these heiligeh criminals and mazikim were wearing their black hats and white shirts so they’ll still be able to marry the daughter of a Rebbe, Rosh Yeshiva, or gvir. The ikar is the chitzonius.

  2. As soon as these 2 heinous savages are caught, the authorities must pepper spray them and their entire family, and spray their entire residence along with residence of all their family members with skunk spray.
    Anything less would be such a horrifying lack of justice ⚖

  3. I wonder who appointed them as G-d’s police? If they didn’t have a poseik that permitted or instructed them to do this, they should face the consequences for viciously attacking another Jew. And if they did have such a “poseik”, his name should be publicized so that we can all stop giving kovod to this public menace.

  4. “The attack was apparently part of an ongoing battle by extremists against cell phone stores in Chareidi areas that lack a “hechsher” of their liking.”

    Sorry YWN this is fake news.

    NO ONE approves of what these guys did

    BUT this is not a question of “hechsher” of their liking

    EVERY single godol and every single beis din in E. Israel have clearly stated the necessity of having a kosher phone

    the store keeper should not have been selling hese phones; no diffferent than selling treife meat.

    Yes we disagree with these assailants, yes we abhor violence

    But we do not view this as a question of “hechsher” of their liking

    rather that treif is forbidden –

  5. Kinaas hashem tzvoos like pinchos they should be proud.
    Imagine in the times of the yevonim the headline on ywn would be “crazy chareidy stabs innocent yevoni for trying to slaughter pork, rabbonim (ra-bonim) decry the great chilul hashem”….

  6. The mekoshesh eytzim also gathered wood ‏le shem shomayim
    It was the second week after Matan Torah if he had not broken Shabbos
    Moshiach would have come

    Le shem shomayim needs to be with daas Torah

    Policeman of the Torah lost their way
    Let’s look at our own glass houses

  7. Baruch Hashem this disgrace to our religion rubbed his filthy paws on the glass cabinet so that his finger prints can be taken and he can be arrested and locked away for many many years.

  8. A few questions for you all: What if they were selling hard drugs in that shop within 50 meters of the purest Jewish children in the world? What if they were selling pork chops to frum Yeiden? What if they were selling illegal guns? So you would still say they are a ‘disgrace to our religion’?

    If you do not know yet the devastation unfiltered smartphones has caused to countless frum families- you have been living under a rock…..

  9. Sugya25
    There are plenty of rabbonim who allow their congregants to use smartphones and have computers. These thugs have taken something which is NOT like pork, guns or drugs and decided that if their rabbonim said its Asur then everyone must bow down to them. Agreed a smartphone or computer in the hands of someone who is not responsible is no different than an alcoholic driving a car.

  10. 147

    You call for all the members of their families and all the residences of all their family members to be sprayed with pepper spray. Do you really think that would be proper?

    In a different post , you called for the stewardess who was an antisemite to be thrown off the plane while flying.

    I think that you have serious issues.

  11. Im fascinated of the mandatory act of These 2 holy mans.

    The cellphone store owner should close shop immediately.

    If needed money for pidyan shvuim I will bln generously donate

  12. I agree with the “hooligans” for protesting, although they shouldn’t sprayed people in the eye with pepper spray, they should’ve only sprayed the store with skunk spray… These cell-phone owners need to leave these neighborhood alone. There are plenty of other places to sell their “wares”. It absolutely abhorrent when people who don’t respect their lifestyle and seek to destroy it. I very much admire the neighborhoods the people who want to stay pure.

  13. One second. Just hold your horses all you orthodox Jew haters. When the ‘praised’ (sic) Nazi acing Russian/mafia/criminal hooligans that call themselves Israeli police knock over elderly couples, beat autistic kids, knock people unconscious (this all not to mention their standard use of skunk spray, pepper spray or shock grenades) is all acceptable and commendable (!) by you sicko’s here on YWN comments, but when frustrated locals fed up with their most basic religious rights and freedom being trampled and belittled constantly in whatever way, get fed up and decide to finally counter-attack their assailants with THEIR OWN TERMS AND USE OF WEAPONRY, suddenly we’re discussing ‘extremists’, or ‘hooligans’, and suggesting severe violence against them.

  14. History buff you write: How many of those posting approval of these hooligans are using unfiltered smart phones?
    I think a more appropriate comment is -How many of those posting approval of the shop owners are using unfiltered smartphones?………..

  15. To YWN moderation or censorship. ?
    “The dramatic “ pc of news you posted and censorship of posts.
    A full apology is warranted.
    Why don’t you post the entire post and not the “Dramatic” censorship.

    The YWN always has an agenda.