Father Of 14-Yr.-Old Neve Yaakov Victim: “I Didn’t Hug Him Before He Left The House”

Aharon Morali, the father of Hakodesh Asher Natan, hy'd, 14. (Kan News screenshot)

Aharon Morali, the father of Asher Natan, h’yd, 14, murdered in the Neve Yaakov terror attack, spoke in a heartbreaking interview with Kan News, bemoaning how he missed his last chance to hug his son before he left the house and was murdered in cold blood by a heinous terrorist.

Aharon described how Asher Natan, hy’d, and his sister had argued at the end of the meal over something insignificant and his son got upset and left the house. “I didn’t even hug him,” Aharon cried. “He just wanted a hug.”

Two minutes later, the family heard gunshots and now Aharon can never give his son that last hug.

Visitors to the shiva at the Morali family have been shocked at the family’s living conditions. Asher Natan, h’yd, was the oldest of eight children, who are being raised in a 50-meter apartment. In the middle of the shiva, the family’s electricity was cut off [an automatic process due to failure to charge a pre-paid meter].

Fortunately, the electrical company was understanding and deposited NIS 600 for the benefit of the family and restored the electricity within minutes. According to Kikar H’Shabbat reporter Yishai Cohen, the electrical company also sent a special team to the shiva home to apologize and committed to supplying the family with electricity as long as they need.

Asher Natan, h’yd’s bed. ((Twitter/Yishai Cohen)
Electrical company employees at the shiva home. (Twitter/Yishai Cohen)

A family friend told Ynet about the difficult financial situation of the bereaved parents: “We need the help of Am Yisrael. The family’s situation has been terrible for years. They live in an apartment that is not theirs, from which they are supposed to vacate any day. The father lost his brother seven years ago, and since then his mental condition has deteriorated and it is difficult for him to make a living. The family of [now] nine members lives in an apartment of about 50 square meters.”

Cohen launched a fundraising campaign for the family, with 100% of the funds going straight to the family: https://www.charidy.com/chesedcny/54542.

Education Minister Yoav Kisch is menachem avel. (Twitter)

In a mi k’amcha Yisrael moment, Chareidi reporter Ariel Elharar wrote on Wednesday that on Tuesday night [the first cold night in Israel in weeks], a man who heard about the electricity cutoff came to the Morali’s home with heaters, blankets and other items for the winter. He told the family: “I heard your electricity was cut off and I didn’t want you to be cold, chalilah.”

Elharar found out that the man was ba’al chessed HaRav Chananel Shem-Tov, the head of the Notnim Yad organization which tends to the need for heaters and warm blankets during the winter for hundreds of elderly and lower-income people.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. why must we lose a child to witness the child’s life….filled with love and yes poverty….but never poverty of the mind…..if we are supposed to multiply our tears and shekels then we must….this we should never witness again….never , not a hug, never not the funds to challenge us