Minister Mickey Levy: B”H We Have Reached this Point [MMA]


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levyDeputy Finance Minister (Yesh Atid) Mickey Levy told Channel 2 News “Baruch Hashem we have reached this point” speaking less than an hour before the Million Man Atzeres.

Levy explained “over the 65 year history of the state, many coalitions have fallen apart on this very issues”, adding once it is voted into law, “Thousands of chareidim will be inducted into the IDF and begin doing their part and we will not have to support them. The country will look differently in 20 years as a result.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Assuming the zionists stay sufficiently united to enace the law, within a few years there were be a “one state” solution. Persecuting a religious anti-war minority will alienate the rest of the world and result in a loss of the massive American aid that is financing Israel’s facade as a first world country. The Arabs aren’t stupid – they will see their opportunity and offer the hareidim autonomy including a guarantee on freedom to be frum. The shift of 10% of Israel to supporting a peaceful alternative will doom the state. While most hareidim in Israel were content to be Israeli hareidim, given the choice between being Israel secularists or Palestinian hareidim, they will choose the latter. The country will indeed look different in 20 years, but not the way Yesh Atid thinks it will.

  2. Here we go again…..As someone correctly pointed out elsewhere, kuperman repeats the same nonsense 10 times a day.

    You have been exposed for the faker you are. Give it a rest already! (You even acknowledge being a fake. I never heard of anyone being chassidish and dressing modern all week long).

  3. All you want is liyos chofshi min hamitzvos, nothing more nothing less. Oh ill bet it will look different but not the way you’re thinking. Eretz Yisroel will spit you out just like it has many before of your ilk.