Israel Police Fear Terror Wave By Minors, Arab Teen Arrested After Kan Interview [VIDEOS]

An Arab minor who told Kan News that "it would have been better if the Neve Yaakov terrorist killed more Jews," was arrested later by Israeli security forces. (Screenshot). Israel has suffered a wave of terror attacks by Arab minors in recent weeks.

After three terror attacks carried out by 13- and 14-year-old Arabs in the past two weeks, including the attack in Shuafat on Monday evening which killed an Israeli-Bedouin policeman, Israeli security officials fear a wave of terrorist attacks by minors.

In recent times, the police have identified a trend of increasing incitement on social networks that specifically target young teens, especially on Tiktok. The incitement is mainly aimed at young residents of East Jerusalem.

On Monday, an Israeli-Arab minor expressed support for Hamas and terrorists who kill Jews during an interview with a Kan News reporter. When the reporter mentioned the Neve Yaakov terrorist who killed seven innocent Jews who were leaving shul, he responded with a smile on his face that “it would have been better if he killed more Jews” and even expressed delight when the reporter said: “And what if he would have killed me?”

He was arrested later by Israeli security forces, as seen in the video below.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. ok now that you have him in custody Mr. Israeli Police, the proper thing to do would be to immediately shoot him in the head and hang his body out in public for all the arabs to see to put fear in their hearts and to act as a powerful deterrent

  2. Maybe the proper thing to do is to interrogate him and then bring him to a courtroom for a trial. If the Arabs believe killing Jews, and themselves in the process, sends them to so-called heaven, what good is it going to do to put them on display and turn them in martyrs?

  3. I’m truly surprised that this was an arrest able offense. He didn’t incite violence, wasn’t being provocative. Does Israel not have freedom of speech?

  4. @dry
    certainly. He was asked his opinion, and gave it. That’s called answering a question, not “serving or tending to provoke, excite, or stimulate”.

  5. Participant: what kind of reckless ultra-liberal ideological philosophy do you come from to have a problem with having such enemies of israel being arrested?

    thank god Israel doesn’t have total open-ended “freedom of speech” like some want it, radical libertarianism is against the torah and is dangerous. arabs telling us they want us all dead is good information to have so our security personnel can react and deal with the matter accordingly.

    Israel is not America, and the govt has an obligation to protect the lives of the yidden there.