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WATCH: The “Innocent Play” Of Kindergarten Children

Videos of scenes of Palestinian “chinuch,” largely funded by the European Union, leave no doubt of the reasons behind the recent terror wave against Israelis by Arab minors.

The latest video, published by a Palestinian kindergarten in Beit Awwa, shows small children “murdering” Israeli soldiers and then honoring the “shahid” who lost his life in the gun battle.

The video, originally posted on Tiktok, were publicized by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)

“This is obscene & just horrific,” wrote international lawyer Aresen Ostrovsky. ” An entire Palestinian generation of children is being brainwashed and taught that violence is the way.”

“Where are all the so-called ‘human rights’ leaders? Where?”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Well, according to some posters on this site, the murdering of Jews is because of Ben Gvir. The Arabs are so smart, they started training young kids to kill Jews many years ago because they just knew Ben Gvir will eventually be in the government and they wanted their freedom fighters to be ready.

  2. well that is the chinuch system that the PA terror supporting administration desires. They want their kids to grow up to kill Jews.
    The Left doesn’t seem to mind, maybe the new government will do something?

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