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ARRESTED: Man Who Shot 2 Jews Outside Shuls in LA Taken Into Custody

The Los Angeles Police Department has arrested a suspect who is believed to be responsible for shooting two Jewish men outside shuls in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood on Wednesday and Thursday.

The first attack took place on the 1400 block of Shenandoah Street when a man leaving shul after shacharis on Wednesday morning was struck by a bullet from a passing vehicle.

The second incident took place Thursday morning, when a Jewish man in his 70s was struck in the arm by a bullet at the intersection of Pickford and Bedford streets.

Both victims suffered relatively minor injuries, and both are expected to survive.

The LAPD says that an “exhaustive” investigation led them to an area in Riverside County where the suspect was taken into custody. Police found in his possession several items of evidence, including a rifle and handgun.

Both shootings are being investigated as hate crimes, and the LAPD says it will release further information in the coming days as it continues to piece together details about the suspect and his actions in collaboration with state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Additionally, despite the suspect in the shooting attacks having been apprehended, the LAPD said that it will increase its presence and patrols near shuls out of abundance of caution.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles said in a statement Thursday night that the suspect “has a history of animus towards the Jewish community.”

Police have not yet released the suspect’s name yet, but sources tell YWN that he has been identified as an Asian man named Jaime Tran.

Unconfirmed reports state that Tran suffered a mental breakdown while studying in dental school and has been recently spewing antisemitic beliefs, particularly about Persian Jews.

Tran reportedly held twisted beliefs, including that Jews are behind the Covid-19 pandemic, and is also alleged to have harassed Jewish classmates in dental school.

Anyone with information about the shootings is asked to call LAPD at 1-877-LAPD-24-7 or provide anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

9 Responses

  1. 1. The headline says the police caught the shooter. It should say they arrested a suspected shooter.

    2. If the suspect does not like Persian Jews, he would fit in with some of my Ashkenazi neighbors.

    3. To Sara Rifka: Which is funnier: Asians blaming Jews for COVID, or everyone else blaming China for COVID, or everyone blaming Jews for everything?

  2. The feds are on it which must be a “hate crime” because that is a federal
    offense. The mayor of LA refused to call it a hate crime yesterday and the name of the suspect has not been released. Believe me, if the suspect is white they would have released the name in split second! He must be from a protected class favored by the liberal rulers of Southern California. They made the arrest quickly. The police can find people when they want to.

  3. Huju: And some Sephardim dislike Ashkenazim. Big deal. It has nothing at all to do with this news story. As for Sara Rifka’s comment, she correctly points out the irony of a person blaming the Jews for the Wuhan Virus.

  4. Good thing this shooter was in California that has not yet destroyed its law enforcement with bail reform laws. In NYS, the shooter would be released, treated to a luscious meal at a high class restaurant by De Blasio y”sh, and hailed in his neighborhood as a protected hero.

    We need to restore vigilante justice and a group like JDL. I support police, but the ridiculous laws have made them useless for anything other than parking tickets.

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