Protester Attacks MK Uri Maklev: “Bushah, Go To The Army, Pay Taxes”


One of the thousands of left-wing protesters who came to the Knesset on Monday to protest against the judicial reforms spotted UTJ MK Uri Maklev on his way from the Prime Minister’s Office to the Knesset building.

He ran after him, yelling: “Busha, busha, busha! Go to the army. Busha, busha, pay taxes! Busha!”

Maklev completely ignored the man and didn’t respond in any way.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. –> Chareidim do pay taxes.

    –> Most do not go to the army because torah study is more important and the army today has a bad/goyish culture that can easily metamei one’s neshama

  2. The real “busha” is the Zionists who (have no busha and have) invaded the holy land, ripped off the identity of the Jewish people falsely claiming to represent the Jews and falsely redefining Judaism as Zionism and then, on top of that, insisting that chareidim be drafted in their shmad IDF to convert the chareidim from Jew to Zionist. That’s the real “busha”.

  3. Baby Squirrel and HaKatan: There are plenty of Religious Zionist Jews who serve in the IDF. And don’t forget about the 97th Netzah Yehuda Battalion, which is charedi.

  4. @ baby squirrel
    If you recognize the craziness of Israeli society, how come i see you so vociferously defending zionism in other comments?

    Just for some context, I consider myself anti-zionist, and pro the (original) Neturei Karta.
    I wish no harm on israelis, and I support them in their right to live peacefully and defend against attackers. But I am “against” the state and its ideals.
    In other words, if it was theoretically possible for there to be just Palestine, and for the yidden living there to be safe, I would not have a problem with that, other than the sadness that we are still galinu m’artzeinu.