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Clashes At Kosel: Pindrus Tries To Stop Kariv From Smuggling In Sefer Torah [VIDEO]

Labor MK and Reform Rabbi Gilad Kariv used his parliamentary immunity on Wednesday, Rosh Chodesh Adar, to bring a Sefer Torah into the Kosel plaza – in violation of the regulations.

Kariv arrived at the Kosel with the Women of the Wall group, who were accompanied by leaders of the Reform movement from the US.

UTJ MK Yitzchak Pindrus attempted to stop Kariv, unsuccessfully.

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation stated: “MK Gilad Kariv took advantage of his immunity and entered with the Sefer Torah as the head of a group and led a protest in the heart of the Kosel plaza, which created a huge commotion. Despite appeals and pleas to him not to spur friction, he did not respond. The director of Women of the Wall Yochi Rappaport actively interfered and blocked the foundation’s operations manager while he was trying to calm the crowd.”

“The Foundation faces a very complex challenge and makes tremendous efforts to enable Rosh Chodesh tefillos and calls to move the disputes and protests from the Kosel plaza and leave it as a kodesh and unifying place. We regret that this group found it appropriate to turn the Kosel into a site of provocation and protest without regard to the consequences and harm to the public’s feelings and the Kosel’s kedushah.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. all I can say Is may this be their last walk into the Kotel in this fashion….Shameful display…would rather be miles away when the sounds of Hashem’s alarms goes off…….

  2. sara rifka….

    shame on you. you should be ashamed of yourself. I would soak my Childs mouth with soap for talking that way. it would be followed with a really good big smack. when i was 11 there was a big chillul hashem going on that time in israel which the chareidi politicians ignored which was even a greater desecration. when i came home from school and told my mother i hope elal stops all flights to israel because i dont wish any yid to be now in israel when Hashem will wake us up. i was severely smacked instantly for my talking that way. my mother was yelling at me all the while AL TIFTACH PEH LASATAN. i was then forced to scrape a bar soap on my teeth and rinse my mouth for talking that way

    sara rifka… AL TIFTACH PEH LASATAN


  3. Amazing how blind the יצר הרע could make people. Don’t they see how they have nothing left of their “Judaism” in America? Why are they trying to bring this suicide to the Jews of ארץ ישראל ?

  4. Eishes Chayil: Ignore her. She has become a pathetic mimic of some of our really outstanding trolls who at least have some really in-depth understanding of the issues and know how to use sarcasm effectively to make a contrarian point.
    The WoW demonstrations have been going on for several years and succeed in part because of the attention they are given. The prior Likud government had actually negotiated an agreement with them for a separate area but then reneged on their own agreement so the issue continues to fester.

  5. I guess I don’t understand.
    I recognize that it violates an agreement, but what’s the halachic problem with bringing a sefer Torah to the women’s section that justifies standing in its way, perhaps ch”v causing it to be dropped?

    If the women want to read from it, so what?
    Let them be.
    Ignore them if you wish.
    But why fight with them and give them the kind of publicity they are seeking?

    Does anyone seriously think that allowing a handful of women who come once a month will ultimately lead to transforming the Kotel to a reform temple?

  6. There’s a big, strapping lunk in the video with at least one arm covered with tattoos. That’s the kind of kofrim defended this chillul hakodesh.

  7. eisheis: I am sorry it happened to you. Your mother should’ve been arrested for child abuse, and you should’ve been moved to a loving Jewish family. I am sorry you slipped through the cracks. I hope the abuse you suffered at the hands of your violent, zionist, deranged “mother” heals and you don’t pass the patterns of abuse onto your children, although your expressed desire to hit other children like Sara Rifka worries me.

  8. Centrist: You miss the point. I appreciate a good troll. Its just the uninformed mindless rants that seem to be proliferating, whether SaraRifka or others who fail to perceive the risks they incur with their direct or implied threats to others.

  9. >Loshenhora
    Washing kids mouths with soap
    was a factory for creating kids who
    left the so called Frum world<


  10. LHR, I don’t believe you, because washing a child’s mouth with soap was not ever a frum thing, it was a general parenting thing. Until very recently it was standard parenting behavior throughout the English-speaking world (and probably outside it) and if you were a kid who used nivul peh you expected it, no matter whether your parents were frum or not. So it is extremely unlikely to have caused anyone to reject frumkeit. Ditto for getting a few petch, whether from your parents or your teacher. It was normal standard parenting, so why would anyone associate it with frumkeit and think that being frei would save them from it?

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