DAY OF HATE: NYPD, Chicago PD Warn of Anti-Semites Planning Nefarious Activities


The NYPD, Chicago PD, and other law enforcement agencies and organizations are warning about a “Day of Hate” being planned by anti-Semitic groups this Shabbos, February 25th.

This “National Day of Hate” was originally proposed by a tiny Eastern Iowa-based neo-Nazi group in early January. Over the past few weeks, individuals associated with other white supremacist groups and networks have indicated they will participate. These groups and networks have membership and supporters scattered around the country including the Goyim Defense League, Active Clubs and National Socialist Movement.

Since 2021, white supremacist networks such as White Lives Matter have popularized designated “days of action” as a tactic to unite fellow white supremacists and draw attention to their cause. On these days, participants primarily conduct white supremacist and antisemitic propaganda distributions, banner drops, and hold demonstrations.

The NYPD said in a memo sent to the community, officials said to “maintain elevated situational awareness and vigilance.” The Chicago and other police Departments put out similar messages.

The Orthodox Union said it is in touch with its partners at the Secure Community Network as well as the Department of Homeland Security and FBI, and “are not aware of threats to specific Jewish institutions.”

The Anti-Defamation League urged community members: “If at any time you feel that you may be in danger, contact law enforcement immediately… Jewish institutions should use this event as an appropriate moment to review security protocols with staff.”

“Do not confront individuals distributing propaganda, conducting banner drops or spraying/stenciling graffiti as they may be willing to engage in violence and/or film interactions to use in their digital propaganda. We encourage you to contact law enforcement to report trespassing, vandalism or harassment if any of these activities occur on your property,” it added.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Ridiculous. Be vigilant for what? A couple of tiny groups with 8 members each will display banners?! Distribute leaflets?! The article itself admits that they do this only to get a reaction, so we should reward them by giving them exactly what they want?! The very existence of this useless “warning” gives them what they want. Nobody would have heard of them if not for this “warning” and others like it, and the inordinate reporting whenever they blow their noses. The only correct reaction to them is to ignore them completely. Don’t report on them. Don’t mention them. They are not a significant threat, their prevalence is statistically equivalent to zero, so act as if we didn’t even know they exist.

    This is not just silly, though. It’s part of a deliberate Democrat agenda, coordinated with the FBI, which is a full-fledged arm of the Democrat Party, to create the impression that “white supremacists” are the most significant threat to Jews and to America, when in fact they are a statistically insignificant threat. Antisemitism in America comes overwhelmingly — almost exclusively — from Islamists and black supremacists. Any attention paid to anyone else draws it away from them, and creates the impression that “both sides do it”, when in fact no, both sides don’t do it. Antisemitism in America today is a phenomenon of the left. So is political violence; it practically doesn’t exist on the right, but is fully accepted and tolerated on the left. So let’s not fall for this.

  2. PS: Don’t forget that they have a constitutional right to do this, so any government reaction will only help them. They long to be falsely arrested, or for someone to punch one of them, so they can sue and gain more publicity for their cause.

  3. This is going to be a problem in shuls. But luckily it’s scheduled for a Shabbos, when we need to be outdoors only minimally. Still, going from and to shul will be a problem.
    Secondly, this will determine the future of Jews in the United States. Will this turn into another Crystallnacht, or will it be suppressed? If this is not Ikvisa DeMeshichah, it is the dawn of another holocaust. It could be both.

  4. This will not turn into a huge Krystalnacht. It will be one big huge nothingburger. This whole thing is being triggered by a tiny group of nobodies with a fax machine.

  5. motcha11 – you fed these bums the magic word ” crystal nacht”.. a bunch of hot air maybe a broken window or some graffiti .. u will have 10 cops for every 3 jerks .. bchol dor vdor… these are bnei haman … layehudim

  6. David and Motcha, a dozen crazy people yelling random things does not remind us that we’re in golus. You think in EY they don’t have crazy people?! These people are no more of a threat (actually a whole lot less) than the crazy people we encounter every day on the subway. There are fewer of them, for one thing, and they’re not likely to turn violent. The only reason to pay them any attention, let alone make all this fuss, is to help the Democrat propaganda. So stop it.

  7. To be complacent is to dig your head in the sand. While this particular “day of hate” may amount to nothing, this group is dangerous, period.

  8. @ karlbenmarx do you think on Germany they didn’t have guys that were connected to the top? Have you learned nothing from our history to not put faith in human being?

  9. Philosopher, “this group” (i.e. the “Goyim Defense League”) is not at all dangerous. Not only do they only have about 8 members, but in all of their several years of activity they have never been violent nor even broken any law. The Orlando police tried to charge them with something, and the only thing they could come up with was a bogus ticket for littering, which will be dismissed the minute it hits a court (if they don’t choose to just pay it).