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Terror In Israel: Mother & Children Injured By Huge Rock That Shattered Windshield

A mother, 26, and three children, aged 2, 5, and 6, were lightly injured after Arabs threw rocks at their car while driving near the village of Huwara in the Shomron.

The mother was driving toward the Tapuach junction when they were caught in an ambush by terrorists who were standing on the side of the road and threw huge rocks at them from point-blank range.

One of the rocks penetrated the windshield and hit one of the children. The other two children were injured by shattered glass.

The mother managed to continue driving the car and continue until the Tapuach junction, where the family members received emergency medical aid and were evacuated to Schneider Hospital for further treatment.

Natan Keller, a resident of Yitzhar who arrived at the scene shortly after the incident and treated the family, said: “What happened there was an attempted murder for all intents and purposes. The terrorists threw a huge rock at the vehicle which penetrated the vehicle and hit the seat next to the driver. If someone had been sitting there, we would have been at a different place today, chalilah.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. AD MOSAI??!! The tragedies just keep going and never end. Hashem, have mercy on us. End this nightmare for Klal Yisrael and bring Moshiach speedily!

  2. Rav Shach forbade living in the settlements as a hisgarus gasa baUmos haOlam. Common sense also dictates not living there.

    But, for “Religious Zionists”, the idol of Zionism requires it even though, of course, most of the priests of that idol, like most of their parliament members wouldn’t dream of living in the settlements.

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