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Parents Of Kedoshim: “Instead Of Taking Them To The Chuppah, We’re Burying Them”

Shalom and Esty Yaniv, the parents of Hillel and Yigal, h’yd, who were murdered in a terror attack on Sunday, spoke to the media on Monday prior to their sons’ levaya in Jerusalem.

Standing with the head of the Shomron Council Yossi Dagan at the entrance to their home on Har Bracha, Esty tearfully spoke in a broken voice.

“There are no words to describe this tragedy,” she said. “What can be said? The price we paid is too heavy to bear. Instead of taking our children to the chuppah, we’re burying them.”

“I grew up in Gush Katif,” she continued. “I received a slap in the face from the State. I sent one son to the army and my second son wanted to join the combat forces. I love Israel, we love the IDF, we want security and unity. We want unity. We’re brothers. We want security. We can’t afford such a loss. The two oldest brothers were taken.”

Shalom spoke about the youth who had gathered outside their house. “The youth here lost their best friends. I beg and plead that this will be the last tragedy.”

Rochel Yaniv, the sister of the kedoshim, said tearfully that the family members are trying to “accept the bitter loss that Hakadosh Baruch Hu gave us yesterday with love.”

“It’s difficult and painful. We’re enduring difficult days. But we’re strong and Am Yisrael has been through so many other things. I’m sure we’ll withstand this.”

“I’ll continue to live here and settle Eretz Yisrael. Hillel and Yigal would want us to mourn but also to continue and be happy and rejoice. I never thought I would be in such a situation, definitely not at this age. But we thank Hashem for what He gives us. We don’t understand it but apparently, this is what our family needs. We don’t understand and we also won’t understand but this is what is.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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