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HaRav Yosef: “Supreme Court Judges Are Successors Of Mendelssohn & Bialik”

HaGaon HaRav Yosef Yitzchak excoriated former Supreme Court president Aharon Barak for an interview he in which he stated that he doesn’t believe in Hashem.

Speaking at his weekly shiur on Motzei Shabbos, HaRav Yosef said: “Aharon Barak was asked on the radio: ‘Does Hashem exist? Do you believe in Hashem?’ He responded. ‘No, there’s no G-d. I don’t believe.’ When they came to put on tefillin on him, he didn’t know how to put on tefillin and at the age of 86, he didn’t know how to say ‘Shema Yisrael.'”

Referring to Supreme Court judges, HaRav Yosef added: “They’re the continuation of the Haskalah generation, they’re the successors of Mendelssohn, Bialik and their friends, they distanced thousands, tens of thousands, from religion.”

HaRav Yosef then slammed Barak for interfering in matters of religion. “The president of the Supreme Court would interfere in religious matters in various cases. How are you connected to religion? A court is supposed to discuss whether a person drove through a red light or built without a license – why are you interfering in religious matters when you don’t believe in Hashem?”

HaRav Yosef also referred to the Supreme Court’s ruling in 2020, forbidding hospitals to ban the entry of chometz into hospitals on Pesach, which led to the current government advancing the Chometz Law, which was passed in its first reading in the Knesset last month.

“Why are you interfering with chometz in hospitals?” HaRav Yosef said. “Then they yell religious coercion – he made the mess, and then they say religious coercion. He interfered  and that’s why we need the law.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

25 Responses

  1. With all due respect

    DO NOT mock a Jew for doing a mitzvah.

    I infinitely disagree with Barak’s ideology, but to mock a yid who put on tefillin that he didn’t know how?! Hayitochin a Rabbi who’s respected by so many can say such a thing?

    The Lubavitcher Rebbe said (and quoted a Rambam and a Rama), that a Jew who is sinning is because his Yetzer Hara put him to sleep. But the Yid inside is not a bad person, it’s the Yetzer Hara speaking in his name. You have to wake the yid up!

    What’s accomplished by mocking a Jew on a mitzvah he performed? I’m shocked and if there wasn’t a video I wouldn’t have believed it!

  2. And you may have heard of the story in Gemara how the wife (of a certain tanna or amorah) explained the passuk to her husband the mitzvah of hating a sinner isn’t to hate the sinner but the sin itself. One must LOVE a fellow Jew regardless.

  3. Sam33, the rabbi was not judging this fool regarding his personal lack of religious knowledge alone, rather for the idiot trampling on all public religious matters as though he knows an iota, when he clearly knows zilch, so STOP JUDGING THE GOOD RABBI

  4. Mendelsohn was personally observant, though his haskofa was poisonous, and he was responsible for all the destruction that came after him. Bialik was NOT observant.

  5. I am so embarrassed at the fact that I was shocked by this video!
    We shouldn’t be shocked!
    This is the truth!
    I, as well, was twistedly inspired by that picture of the boor putting on tefillin with the Mishpacha reporter a few months ago.
    This set me straight!
    We need the inspo part but also this part! HOW CAN A HIGHLY INTELLIGENT AND EDUCATED “LEADER” in the “Jewish (lol)” state be so ignorant of his own heritage.
    Busha, indeed.
    @Sam33: I believe this could accomplish something. I believe it may touch somewhere in Barak the Rasha’s heart of stone. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll notice the sincere pity in the Rav’s tone an dbe ashamed enough to change some of the error of his ways. I hope he does. I know it may be a drop far-fetched, but let’s daven.
    Thank you to kvod Harav Yosef for setting us all straight and not fearing the PC lies of our dor.

  6. Samm33 He’s sating a fact that “he didn’t know how to put on tefillin and at the age of 86, he didn’t know how to say ‘Shema Yisrael.’” That’s it. Period. He did not insinuate by ay means that he Shouldn’t put on Tefflin b/c he’s an Am Haeretz or mocking him.

  7. Just wanted to add: The shulchan aruch writes that one must say the following: arur haman, baruch mordechai, arurah zeresh, bruchah esther, arurim kol ovdei kochavim, bruchim kol yisroel, v’gam charvonah zachur latov — and one of the common nuschaos of that (also the nusach iof a popular shoshanas yaakov tune) is ARURIM KOL HARESHA’IM, BRUCHIM KOL YISROEL. A few days ago, it struck me that we spend the whole year talking about pintele yid a hin and pintele yid aher… and it;s all emes. But once a year we need to return to basic, pure truth and din: ARURIM KOL HARESHAIM. IT’S POWERFUL.

  8. 1. Like “duh” — to the secular that is a feature not a bug. The hilonim want to lock in the status quo ante of the early 1950s when Eretz Yisrael was run by secular socialists fanatics.

    2. Mendelssohn thought he was founding “Modern Orthodox” and would be aghast to realize he had founded “Reform.” He would have been shocked to realize that many of the goyim’s response to Jewish assimilation and integration would be genocide. He genuinely believed that if the Yidden stopped being Chareidi and became “modern”, the goyim would love us and let us live in peace with civil rights. He was always Shomer Shabbos and Shomer Kashrus. He was more of a misguided fool than anything else.

  9. A court appointed judge with strong feelings and hate of any subject has to disassociate himself from subject.

    Barak and whoever who hate being Jewish and religion can not make decision on Hametz, Shabbos,
    By rule of law they are disqualified to render.
    This is a known civil abc’s of law.

    The judges of supreme courts (Bet Din Elohai) have extreme prejudice against Jewish law since the return of the Jews to homeland.
    They can’t judge

  10. Bh!
    Exposed by none other than their own Zionist Rabbi. And Why now? Cuz they dont agree with him? Well these Zionists “Judges” were no goodniks before the religious Zionists decided so.
    The entire atheist government is a Jewish calamity.
    U woke up now? We’re awake and sound since the likes of Herzl and Ben Gurion ימ״ש founded the Medinah.

  11. Aharon Barak im”s should not put on a tfillin, since an atheist cannot fulfill any positive mitzva, as it’s impossible to have a kavanah of fulfilling Hashem’s obligation if one believes, has v’shalom, that there is no …
    So if he is not fulfilling a mitzvah, all he does is bizui tfilin.

  12. Sam33 stop with this liberal love everyone garbage. Do you daven? If yes then why are you begging Hashem to destroy the apikorsim (atheists), who are treated differently in halacha then reshayim (ppl who do aveiros but believe). All the things you say are right about ppl who do aveiros but believe in Hashem. But atheists are treated as if they’re not part of klal Yisroel and there’s a Rambam in hilchos Edus that literally says that an atheist is worse and lower than a נכרי. Stop with this liberal love everyone garbage it’s really destroying our ppl from within, just so stupid to tolerate and praise the ppl who want to destroy us like this judge because of your so called ‘ahavas Yisroel’

  13. Sam33:
    You might want to run your thoughts by a Rabbi of the stature of Rav Yosef before opining against him.

    The story with Bruriah that you referenced is practically irrelevant. If I had to bet, she would not have criticized the Rabbi despite her novel interpretation of that verse.

    There are other verses, like in Psalms, in which King David states that “Oh, Hashem, I hate your enemies…” That would seem far more applicable here. Make no mistake: the Zionists are clear and unabashed enemies of G-d.

  14. The Rabbi is speaking in a conservative/toned-down manner.

    The Zionists have distanced (mostly intentionally and also otherwise) from religion many hundreds of thousands – if not millions – not tens of thousands, of Jews.

  15. Thank you @Yanky1998 and @Hakatan! Yes, of course, the chofetz chaim brings the passuk “misanecha Hashem esna,” avadeh! And the chofetz chaim writes about ppl who are muchzak as meisisim meidichim and apikorsim mitzvah lganosam ulvazosam bein bfanav bein shelo bfanav bchol mah shehu ro’eh oh shomei’a alav! 100% (Sorry, didn’t check the wording again, but that’s def an almost exact – if not exact – quote of marana verabana der chofetz chaim.)

  16. Basically, it means, all you farshtunkeneh libbies, that when you hear the name barak mentioned about something, you immediately chuckle and say, “who, barak, that dog! what did that cockroach do now? couldnta been good!

  17. and dont say he’s a tinok shenishba! come on!! the man is highly educated… he never even thought he shud maybe learn shema! an apikores if there ever was one.

  18. SAM33



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