SEE THE VIDEO: Juvenile Delinquents Wreck Queens Restaurant in Insane Unprovoked Attack


A restaurant in Queens, New York, was vandalized and ransacked by a large group of teenagers who are still at large.

According to WABC, the suspects entered Fish Village in College Point on Saturday morning and proceeded to wreck the establishment without saying a word. The restaurant’s manager, Tony Hu, expressed fear over the incident, noting that the group, consisting largely of Asians and some Hispanics, flipped tables, threw chairs, and broke dishes.

“He said he don’t know what happened, why they gonna do him like that. It feels scary,” he said through a translator.

Approximately 30 customers were present during the attack, which resulted in an estimated $20,000 in damages, but no weapons were used, and no property was stolen.

As of now, no arrests have been made in connection with the vandalism and the NYPD continues to search for the perps.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. coming soon to a NYC Jewish neighborhood near you………..

    get ready……..

    unfortunately there will be a lot more Lemrick Nelson’s and Yankel Rosenbaums this time around.


  2. wow, wouldn’t ever give reparations to this group at all…..they have caused far more damage with their living styles……not everyone of course as the statement goes…..look at this continuity of filth…..Bidens’ squatters and brazen terrorists …yes, this is terrorism…

  3. If I had to guess, which I don’t, this sounds like an attack to force the restaurant to close or pay protection money.

    To backward jewboy: How does Lemrick Nelson fit in here? Is there an affirmative action requirement applicable to hooligans?

  4. When will Edmund Pettus Bridge Biden, get serious about cracking down on these WHITE domestic terrorist maga supremacists?! For how much longer will the WHITE middle class male continue to cause havoc in this Country?!

  5. @Huju
    interesting. I am actually not convinced that there was any benefit to be had from this attack.
    While I obviously may be wrong, My perception is that this is just that, an attack ‘lishma’. For no other purpose than the feeling of glee that “I can do whatever I want, and no one can stop me”.

    Kinda like the difference between Esav (italian Mafia?) and his grandson Amalek (anarchists/thrill riders).

  6. These young people were so corrupted by the public “education” system they have simply lost their minds. This type of chinuch the NYS dept of Ed wants to ram down our schools.