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2 IDF Soldiers Injured,1 Seriously, In Explosion On Israeli-Lebanese Border

It was released for publication on Tuesday evening by the IDF that two soldiers were injured on Israel’s northern border while carrying out routine engineering work when their vehicle ran over an old IDF landmine that had apparently drifted over time.

The soldiers, one seriously injured, and the second one lightly injured, were evacuated to the Galil Hospital.

A Lebanese media report said earlier Tuesday afternoon that an IDF engineering vehicle was damaged in an explosion near the Lebanese/Israeli border.

According to the report, the explosion occurred when the vehicle hit a landmine near the Israeli moshav of Shtula. The Lebanese report added that at least two IDF soldiers were injured during the blast but that fact could not be confirmed as the IDF censor has placed a gag order on the incident.

The IDF confirmed that it was not a terrorist incident but did not elaborate on the details.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Wow, sounds pretty intense. I’m glad we have the IDF to protect us from such dangers. I feel way safe. For the record, I am just trying to be more pro-Israel cuz apparently that’s important to my Jewish identity, so expect more comments like this from me in the future, okay, friends?

  2. Schmendreck – a bit of Hakaras HaTov for those who put their lives on the line for the Am Hashem HaYoshev B’Tzion is in order. You’d feel much less safe without them, no?

    an Israeli Yid

  3. If the Israeli government allowed the right to bear arms, I’d feel much safer there. Most Israelis don’t even know how to shoot well cuz their only opportunity is in tightly controlled basic training. Instead of allowing Jews to protect themselves, they did stuff like the Altalena Affair. I honestly don’t know whether these reported incidents are real or not cuz there is a long history of the state faking terrorism or inciting it (they’ve done stuff similar to the Lavon Affair in Yisroel proper), but either way, I know these incidents are reported in order that people will be so inclined to have hakaras hatov to the medinah and army. Meanwhile, the medinah literally just tried to kill everyone there under durress in a genetic experiment and now really just wants the public to rally round the flag and support the medinah for their safety. That’s my perspective, in all due respect to the slaves in compulsory military service who have no choice but to serve the medinah or to go to jail.

  4. anIsraeliYid:
    Nope. It would have been far, far better for the entire world, not only for the Jews, if the evil Zionists would have never invaded E”Y – and then the Zionists shmaded the Jews there and elsewhere.

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