WATCH: VIDEO AROUSES FURY: Ben-Gurion Closed By Whim Of 1 Man In Casual Phone Call

Pinchas Idan. Screenshot

Many Israeli expressed outrage at the closure of Ben-Gurion Airport on Monday for political purposes, inconveniencing thousands of people at a peak traveling time.

What aroused even more fury was the frivolous way in which it was closed – on the whim of one man – the chairman of the workers’ union of Israel Airports Authority, Pinchas Idan, who is also a member of Likud.

During a press conference by the head of the Histadrut calling for a strike [which may have been illegal], Idan went to the stage, took out his phone, and called an unknown official at Ben-Gurion.

“I’m announcing that from this moment on there are no take-offs,” Idan said. “Who is this? Hello? Stop all take-offs right now. Landings will continue as usual. Stop the take-offs. We’ll talk about everything later. Bye.”

Journalist Yehudah Schlesinger wrote: “The conversation and the way it was carried out angered many on social media who called to check whether it was legal. What is this thing? People prepare for months – business trips, vacations, flights, hotels, cars. And some clown comes and decides: ‘Halt the flights for me.’ That’s it.”

“Shouldn’t a dramatic decision to close the gates of the State of Israel be made by a minister? Committee? Board of directors?”

Diaspora Minister Amichai Chikli (Likud) wrote: “Pinchas Idan – someone who takes Israeli citizens as hostages has no place in the Likud movement – which works for citizens and doesn’t use them as political bargaining chips. Put the keys on the table tonight. Thanks.”

Many right-wing social media users also expressed anger at retail outlets that joined in the political strike, with many calling to boycott the stores that closed on Monday, such as the Fox clothing store.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. When they say this country isn’t an actual democracy it’s true.
    The elected PM can’t do anything with the AG and Supreme Court on his damn tail.
    And one scumbag who no one knows or cares to know with one phone call cripples a whole country for hours and it goes unchecked.

  2. If the airport (Histadrut) personnel were striking or announced their intent to walk off the job for even a short period, the prudent position for an Airport Director was to suspend takeoffs and for obvious reasons, allow planes in the air on approach to BG to land safely. I’d be less concerned with “inconveniencing” some holiday travelers than allowing people to arrive at the airport w/o sufficient numbers of airport personnel to process them or service aircraft for departures.

  3. GHD, suspending takeoffs doesn’t do anything to stop people arriving at the airport. All it does is create chaos, which was his purpose. Why was he even at the union press conference?

  4. If you think politicians can’t do everything they want, don’t you think it’s time to end Washington tyrrany over Israel? The laws were flawed!

  5. He should be arrested! He is a criminal! With the constant challenge from terrorism if these vermin are allowed to further wreak havoc unto the people, they are no different than treasonous criminals. I’m surprised that this could go unpunished!

  6. @gadohadorah
    Right. Because in the video it seems there was a serious concern for safety, or lack of personnel.

    The prudent position of an AIRPORT DIRECTOR would be to assess the situation and take appropriate action based on the reality on the ground, generally in conjunction with a Board or other governing personnel.

    Not make an authoritarian type phone call, to the cheers of supporters, apparently acting on whim.

  7. @Gadolhadorah
    Additionally, you should note that “inconveniencing” people, while surely a better outcome than a safety concern, is still a VALID concern.
    To not take peoples time and money spent, along with peace of mind, into consideration, is what Chazal would term “lev ra”. And can have far reaching, and yes, devastating, repercussions.

  8. Seriously, 3 years of a fake pandemic, harmful injections forced on people, some critical laws are being discussed right now to prevent this from happening again and all you keep in mind is a flight that has been delayed, kola kavod, you have been beainwashed by the main stream media just as it was planned

  9. What many are ignoring is the fact that the Histadrut wants to cripple the airport operations even more — purely for political reasons.
    He’s even a bigger Sasha than the Airport director.

  10. this is a problem that spans all of israeli government. noone is held accountable for their actions. i think the solution would be to have @gadolhadorah step in to do the negotiations, assuming im correct and @gadolhadorah is actually joe biden. i have been thinking about this recently, and based on his political stances, and his grasp of any given situation, i am fairly certain that uncle joe spends most of his waking hours on this website.

  11. This wicked savage Pinchas Idan ימח שמו וזכרונו must be locked for life without any possibility of parole. Furthermore, all his assets including all future earnings pensions & assets, must be seized to cover the colossal financial damage from this illegal 1 day strike.
    If Heaven forbid this cancer patient who had an important test booked months in advance & got canceled, becomes more sick or even worse, this wicked savage Pinchas Idan ימח שמו וזכרונו must be charged with his Murder.