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FULL MOBILIZATION: NYPD Orders Every Single Officer To Duty Friday Following Trump Indictment

In the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump’s indictment Thursday night, the NYPD ordered every single one of its police officers, no matter their rank, to show up in uniform tomorrow, CNN law enforcement analyst John Miller reported.

“As of a few moments ago, a teletype went out to all NYPD commands in New York City, ordering that all members of the department, no matter what their rank or assignment, show up in uniform tomorrow. So clearly, the NYPD is preparing to have all of its options open in case they have to mobilize a large number of police officers. Right now as they’re scanning, they’re not seeing any plans for any major protests, but that could change overnight because this news is very fresh,” Miller told anchor Wolf Blitzer.

“Very fresh indeed,” Blitzer responded. “I know that here in Washington, when there’s a real bad situation unfolding, they start mobilizing military personnel. Any talk of that in New York City?”

“No, we don’t do that in New York City,” Miller said. “There’s 36,000 police officers in the NYPD. And large groups of them that are specially trained in disorder control. So this is something that they would want to maintain command and control over in a linear way without bringing in outside entities, especially from outside the city government.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. But when the BLM were burning down the City, the police were nowhere to be found. They were practicing social distancing.

  2. seems they are trying to make it look like some right protesters will riot just like last month they FALSELY created this shabbos of fear to make it look like hate crimes happen by right wing folks when its always another group

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