DJERBA ATTACK: “Tunisian Policeman Protected Jews With Their Bodies”

Cousins Ben and Aviel Hadad, H'yd, were killed in the shooting attack in Djerba.

Yossi Barda, an Israeli singer who performed in the El Ghriba shul in Djerba a few minutes before the shooting attack which killed cousins Ben and Aviel Hadad, H’yd, spoke to Radio 103FM on Wednesday morning.

Barda first spoke about the moments before the attack. “I can tell you that the security – the Tunisian police and soldiers treated all the Israelis with great respect – above and beyond,” Barda said. “Really, with such friendliness – I have no words.”

“I sang and 20 minutes later as I was leaving, I realized that something happened. Shots rang out. Witnesses said that the Tunisian security guards and soldiers protected the Jews with their bodies. They apparently couldn’t stop the shooter in time.”

A security guard was killed during the attack and another security guard who was seriously injured died of his wounds on Wednesday.

“It’s a very ancient shul,” Barda continued. “There are many Kohanim. There are stones there from the first Bais Hamikdash that they brought. Every year, thousands of Jews come for the Lag B’Omer hilula – it’s an ancient minhag.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)