WATCH: Leftist “Protesters” Go On A Rampage At Nir Barkat’s Hotel


Anti-judicial reform protesters broke into the dining room of a hotel in the Galil on Monday morning where Economy Minister Nir Barkat (Likud) was staying for a conference along with members of the conservative Kohelet Forum.

The “protesters” physically pushed the hotel employees in order to reach Barkat but the hotel employees fought back and pushed the protesters back.

One protester hit a security guard in the shoulder with his flagpole and when the employee tried to protect himself, the protester fell to the floor. Another protester threw a chair, hitting a hotel employee on his back. A third protester fell down while backing away from the employees.

The protesters, who had forced their way into the hotel and pushed hotel employees, then had the audacity to complain that they were treated violently.

A source close to Barkat said: “The incident could have ended in physical injury in light of the fact that it took the police a half hour to arrive and disperse the protesters while Barkat had only one security guard who was unable to deal with dozens of violent protesters who physically tried to reach Barkat.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. audacity to complain that they were treated violently Every wicked protestor should have immediately been shot dead as per the הלכות מורד במלכות and this would have solved all the issues if their complaints of violent treatment which would have been non-existent

  2. a other picture again about the so called jewish state and this chilonim protesters that have no maners.
    And Lapid is quitte.would it be the opposite he would complain at the religious and chareidim.What a democratic goisch state

  3. The comments on this site are becoming nuttier by the day
    Execution of Jews
    Linking this to pandemic
    We have gone off the deep end

  4. 147 I don’t support the leftists, however, I don’t know what you mean by mored b’malchus. Who is the Melech? The Israeli government is a western democracy they don’t just chop off people’s heads like they do in some Islamic countries. I think that it would be quite scary to live in any country that instituted “hilchos mored b’malchus”. Also, this is also not really a leftist thing per se because Avigdor Lieberman supports the protests. Imagine if he would have instituted “hilchos mored b’malchus” while he was in the government. Or imagine if president Biden would have it implemented now.

  5. they only like democracy when it goes along with their goyish anti-torah views. as soon as it doesn’t they behave like anarchists.

    the good thing is that it’s getting better with each subsequent year as the number of orthodox with proper right-wing torah ideology are growing more and more in the holy land…