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Interior Ministry Checking into Mounting Complaints in Beit Shemesh Election [09:50 IL]

bshInterior Ministry officials are promising to immediately check into a growing number of complaints filed by chareidi voters in Beit Shemesh. Complaints include police refusal to permit registered voters to enter polling stations without their voting card when Interior Ministry law only compels one to bring a teudat zehut (identity card). Voters explain on the air they had their identity card but police refused to look at it, preferring to tell them “go back home and get your voter card”.

There are many complaints of police abuse of chareidi voters outside and inside polling stations. Kol Berama Radio continues to bring air the complaints of call-in voters, who describe a picture of a police anti-chareidi agenda in today’s mayoral election in the city.

Interior Ministry Director-General Shuki Amrani spoke with Kol Berama Radio and stated he is unaware of any illegal activity in line with the nature of the complaints voiced on the station but he will look into it and take immediate and appropriate action if necessary. 

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Hey democracy! Whatever happened to government protections to insure fair voting. Maybe there are no protections? Maybe it’s not a democracy..? Open discrimination by government employees and there’s no one to cry to…. Farce…

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