Angel Bakery Branches Close, Switch Suppliers In J-m, Bnei Brak & Ashdod

Bakeries in Chareidi cities are ending their contracts with Angel and changing their names.

The Chareidi boycott against Angel Bakery, which began about three weeks ago after leftists protested outside the home of HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein, is still going strong, but the company has yet to issue a response to the matter.

There have been various reports that the company actually makes most of its money through real estate so has not been significantly affected by the boycotts. However, these rumors are reportedly being disseminated by Angel itself in an attempt to end the protest. Additionally, Angel tried to fool Chareidi customers by selling bread produced in a subsidiary bakery in unmarked boxes and selling challos at significantly slashed prices, also in unmarked boxes. Both attempts were unsuccessful.

Apart from Chareidi consumers who have stopped buying Angel products and the numerous yeshivos and Torah mosdos who ended their contracts with Angel, more and more supermarkets and Angel Bakery branches in Chareidi neighborhoods are switching to other suppliers.

Angel sales in unmarked boxes.

Journalist Meni Schwartz reported on Monday that a source in the Netiv HaChesed supermarket chain, which has about 90 branches and also owns Barkel-Tov, another supermarket chain, said that the chain’s management had decided to end its contract with Angel.

Meanwhile, Angel bakeries in Chareidi neighborhoods are closing or switching suppliers. Angel Bakery in the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood of Jerusalem announced it is closing as of June 1. In Bnei Brak, the Angel Bakery on Be’eri Street ended its contract with Angel and switched its name to Be’eri Bakery.

The Angel branch on Rechov Chazon Ish also switched suppliers and renamed itself Magdanit Shpitzer.

“History in Bnei Brak!” wrote journalist Avi Rabina. “The famous Angel Bakery on Rechov Chazon Ish is leaving the company due to the affront to the Torah. From today Magdanit Shpitzer. Come enjoy before Shavuos and along the way you’ll support a Jew who was harmed by Angel. Rechov Chazon Ish 2, Bnei Brak.”

Another Angel branch in Ashdod also switched suppliers and changed its name this week.

The owner of the branch on Be’eri Street told חדשות הסקופים: “Due to the protest, we decided to drop the name and change to a new name and new products – in honor of lomdei Torah, likvod Kavod Hashem.”

To the question of why he waited until now, he replied: ‘I thought there would be an apology or something like that. I saw that it was almost Shavuos, which is the Chag of Kabbalas HaTorah, and there was no response from them. In general, in the last few days, I see all the articles about ‘Angel being victorious over the Chareidim’ and similar headlines. Somebody called us ‘bloodsuckers’ and everyone allows themselves to call us names. So I said – that’s it, I’m protesting by leaving them and moving on.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. They can partner up with Bud Light and Adidas. Once a company starts getting involved in politics and wokeness, it’s always a losing venture. These idiots deserve all their loses. Liberalism never works in the real business world.

  2. ??האחיכם יבאו למלחמה ואתם תשבו פה

    Its disgusting how Angel bakery is behaving with zero respect to the Frum community, not even a comment on this whole incident.
    Unless there are Frum people involved then it’s time to boycot them in the USA too.
    Kosher stores in the USA carry their stuff such as frozen Borekas, cakes, rugalach etc…
    I suggest to request frum store managers- owners not to sell their stuff, unless it will be a big loss for frum people involved… wish there was a way to find out. If someone can find out and post that would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Obviously by now the corporate bosses are in full agreement of their stance on digging in their heels. Even the parent company of Ben&Jerry apologized and cares more about profits, reputation and brand loyalty than this pigheaded Angel management.

    As far as why this should be a more general health wakup-call on cutting down on some carbs, see my posts on the original:

  4. Nothing wrong, they should keep on doing so in all services, Plumbing, Firefighters, Doctors, Legal Services, Etc.
    Chareidim should go only tp Chareidim, and Chilonim only to Chilonim.

  5. Why is the “Heiliger” Eida (which gives the Hashgacha) so silent on the matter??!!! Is it because R Eidelshtein doesn’t wear the same underwear (Rabbeini Tamm) that they do? (For the record I don’t know what he wears). Oh, he’s part of Ponevich which flies a flag on Yom Hoatzmaut. So, there goes K’vod HaTorah out the window for these one issue Jews.

    One thing I’m sure of. It has nothing to do with the thousands they make on their Hashgacha.
    That can’t be.

  6. Barn owl when 75 percent of your sales is from secularists how is it destroying parnassah. it may be destroying buying a multi million dollar yacht but that’s not parnassah

  7. Shmiras;

    I thank you for pointing that out and take your point and take back what I said in regards to how it might reflect on any Gedolei Yisroel.
    However, the question here is regarding the “ Askunim” who are always there to stir up “jihad” for THEIR Shitos.

  8. Angel bakery does have a bakery in the Carteret new Jersey.
    It produces a gourmet product
    A no leak or break pita bread.
    Sold mostly in whole food market stores for like $4 a package of four.
    The product has a kosher hechsher
    Although I doubt many cheradim where buying it even before the boycott started.
    I don’t hold of the boycott since no rabbi has called for this boycott.
    Cheradim are supposed to follow their rabbenim rullings and not do things on their own.